Newbie Routine for Getting Huge?

[quote]enoscent wrote:
My bodyweight hasnt changed much . Its 80.5 kg now compared to 80kg in December.[/quote]
That’s not progress at all. That kind of weight is normal daily fluctuation. I can go up three pounds over the course of a single day, but that doesn’t mean I’m actually “gaining” weight.

Pictures will definitely be more useful.

It’s been a while since I asked anyone, so lemme see if I remember how to word this…

What, exactly, did you eat yesterday?

This is absolutely why you’re not gaining muscle. As a vegetarian, it’s even more important that you get quality protein everyday.

Decreasing protein on your rest days makes no sense at all. That’s when your body has a chance to use those nutrients to rebuild and improve. If anything, drop carbs slightly on rest days.


Number one change, ditch your current plan and do this:

You do realize that this basically says, “I’m going to avoid getting stronger, because I want to get stronger first.” There’s nothing wrong with the dumbbell press, but this is crazy “logic” for avoiding the bench press.