Newbie Cycle Qestion

I was wondering if anyone could help me with a couple questions. I am 5-9 170 lbs with an average upper body and small legs. i want to put on some overall size with cut and keep the gains. i am trying to stay as far away from bad side effects as I can. So, can anyone recommend any particular cycles for me? I am thinking about going on deca: about 200 mcg for 8 weeks, but i dont know what gains this will bring. will it give me both size and cut. I’ve tried to research this stuff but i am still doubtful. if anyone has any answers or suggestions as far as particular stacks or cycles for me please let me know.

Let’s see good gains without side effects. Who doesn’t want that. Sorry I am not bashing you. Most people will tell you that 200mg of Deca won’t cut it. I would up it to 400-600mg per week and throw in an oral like D-bol. If you worried about side effects keep the cycles short.

You have an average upper body and no legs and you want to start a cycle? I’ll give you 2 “cycles”, pick which ever one you want. 1) Spend the next 5 years squating, deadlifting, rowing, chining and front pressing. Eat clean. Sleep a lot. Cut down on the partying. In 5 years you’ll be 20-30 lbs heavier, then, if you’ve actually reached your genetic limit, you can re-evaluate whether you want to juice. or 2) go to Wal-Mart and buy one of those cycles with the banana seat, funny horn, and streamers coming off the handlebars. Maybe get one with a basket on front with a little flower on it. Riding around on a girly bike will get you the same amount of respect around here as you’ll get asking about a cycle when you obviously haven’t put any effort into getting big.

Okay, that’s about the funniest response I’ve ever read on this board. Granted, it completely dodges an answer in order to simply make another point…but jeeze, gotta give credit where credit is due, and those were some serious hee-hees.