New to BB & T-Nation

 I am another beginner in this whole area. 

Started because of a neck & shoulder injury surfing in hawaii.

Tried the regular route suggested by doctors and phsyio therapists…not to knock anyone’s living, but I just wasn’t getting any better.

I went to a chiropractor, he suggested I go to the gym do a few exercises…amidst treatment. Changed my life completely and tried to learn more everyday.
Nutrition, Rest, Bodybuilding…who knew there was so much!
Arm and Shoulders way better and no longer in pain…off the painkillers.

     was    now

Weight 190 173
Height 5’ 10"
Age 43

I Don’t have alot of shots but would appreciate the input and advice.


any before pics?

no body shots…
never even been to the gym before.
Here is one taken in the spring…Mar 07…
I was around 190 then.

Thats a pretty big difference. What are your plans now?

Still have lots to learn, but I’m thinking …

Slow and steady … ie
Continue to lean down on the body fat
Continue to be as progressive as I can as far as it goes with lifting and developing…
Goals would be by within a year … be at a lean 175-180

Was 172 this am, and realistically have about 7-10 lbs of fat to go…leaving me at about 165…but if I can develop some muscle mass over the period of the year to end up around 175 i’d be ok with that. Don’t even know if that is realistic or even too easy a goal to work on.

I’m currently working on the DC Training program

Thanks for asking!

You can indeed lose that last couple pounds of fat while gaining muscle mass. First, because you’re a beginner, and second, because you don’t really have much fat to lose. I wouldn’t sweat the details right now. Any good program that focuses on compound lifts and progressive overload will be effective. Eat clean and slowly lower your carb intake (a sugary post-workout drink is still OK) until you reach your body fat goals.

There is a wealth of info here but don’t get overwhelmed and try everything at once. Keep it simple while you study up. Then incorporate more advanced lifting regimes, dietary approaches and supplements in the future. Long-term lifestyle changes are the key.

Glad you’re feeling better. Keep up the good work and Welcome to T-Nation!

And I have to ask…

Did you change your belt before the front pose or are the “disco studs” only on the back???


[quote]Kruiser wrote:
And I have to ask…

Did you change your belt before the front pose or are the “disco studs” only on the back???


Thanks for the input and advice Kruiser…
and ya…no…the studs are just on the back 2/3rds of the belt.