New Routine

I have been lifting one muscle group per day for the spring because I have been playing lacross and after 3 hrs of practice I dont have the time or energy to lift much. I was looking for someone to give me a routine that I could use, now that lacross is over. I am looking for something that will empahisze mostly upper body like chest,tris,bis, and sholders (i.e. beach muscles). Could someone give me some advice, please include sets,reps, and days on/off- thanks for any advice!

alden, my man, you’ve come to the right place if you’re looking for a program that’s already set-up! Check out Ian King’s 12 Weeks to Super Strength program for the upper bod using the search engine…if you’ve already chickety checked that one out, check out the Strength Coach’s brand-spankin’ new Bring the Pain Biotch–okay, not really Biotch, just Bring the Pain–for the upper bod that is hot of the presses! Good luck, bro.