tips on my training

hey im just wondering if current routine needs a little tweeking ive doing it for awhile now and am starting to wonder if not getting enough in. it goes like this, mon-chest, tues-back, weds-shoulders traps, thurs-bis tris, fri-legs, i just dont think im working each body part enough if you guys have any suggestions please let me no. thanks.

Well, if you’ve been doing it for a while… its definately time to change. Read the previous issues of the magazine, they’re are a ton of routines. In the current issue is the second phase of what seems to be a killer program, check it out… The Growth Surge Project. Also, check out Ian Kings stuff, theres a few 12-weekers (UB & LB). Good luck, pal.

Your first four days are dedicated to your upper body. That sounds like a problem right there. You should split things up. And if you’ve been doing it for a while, you should try something else. There are many other programs to choose from.