New Micro-PA Dosing Clarification

Need some help!
I’m getting ready to start up on Micro-PA and have been following the
updated protocols. I have a clarification question for you… I see that
they suggest taking 1g of Micro-PA on the “hardest” session of the week.
Is that a references to the mostly physically demanding session or the
session that targets an area that needs the most improvement?

I currently am on a 4 day split where one day focuses on Chest, another on Legs, then
Shoulders, and wrapping up with Back. Biceps/Triceps are performed on
alternating days so they get trained frequently, as does the core. The
workout is designed to help prep for men’s physique. Leg day is definitely
the most physically demanding workload but the delts are where I am
focusing and really trying to grow more size.

Micro-PA on the day where I am exerting the most energy (legs) or the day where I am working hard to grow a lagging area (delts)? Thanks so much for any insight you have!

You know, this is an excellent question! My gut says to use Micro-PA to help bring up an area that you’re targeting.

But, let me get an officially educated opinion…

The official word is to use Micro-PA on your physically hardest training day.

And that’s why we ask questions. We both learned something today.


Awesome! Thanks so much for double checking. Hope this helps out some others as well!

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No problem! You’re welcome. Please keep us updated.

For those checking out the thread who might not be aware, the dosing for Micro-PA has been updated:

New Micro-PA® Dosing

Recommended use has been recently updated and differs from the label. Biotest now recommends taking Micro-PA® phosphatidic acid ONCE PER WEEK, ONLY ON YOUR HARDEST TRAINING DAY. If you have more than one hard workout per week, choose only one to use Micro-PA® phosphatidic acid.

Biotest has been selling and using phosphatidic acid for several years now, and our accumulated experiential knowledge of the product has led us to some conclusions. For one, the common dosage recommendations need to be flushed down the vortex of the toilet. Taking 750 mg doesn’t give the best results. Neither does 375 or 250 mg.

Contrary to what the economically minded say, you need to take a full gram of phosphatidic acid – that’s 4 capsules of Biotest’s Micro-PA™ supplement – one hour before your brutal workout. That’s when phosphatidic acid increases mTOR to a significant degree, and phosphatidic acid can make a big difference in gains.

Combine it with 5 grams of leucine – from Metabolic Drive® Protein or Plazma™ Brutal Workout Formula – and that’s when phosphatidic acid shines.

Furthermore, you probably shouldn’t use phosphatidic acid more than once a week. You heard me. Once a week. Phosphatidic acid should be saved for the biggest, baddest workout of the week, the one you plan out. The one you anticipate with a mix of excitement and trepidation. Don’t waste your money by using PA for non-focused casual workouts. You’ll get a noticeable muscle-gaining boost from once-per-week dosing.

This protocol will also end up being an economical one because you’re only using it once a week. The 60-capsule bottle suddenly becomes nearly a 4-month supply instead of a month’s supply.

Any guidance on Micro-PA use for early morning trainees? I get up at 0335 to train at 0345. I can’t see myself getting up any earlier to take a dose.

As you know the instructions say to take a gram of Micro-PA one hour before workout, so I would assume that it is working at 100% at the end of the first hour. How long it lasts isn’t mentioned.

Doesn’t it make sense that it might begin working at a lower level as soon as one half hour and increase up to 100% at the end of the first hour.

So the question is how long is your most intense workout? After 45 minutes into that workout you would be getting 100% of the benefit (if instructions are precise.) So all workout time after 45 minutes would also be at 100% benefit.

On this topic, what are the reasons for the new guidelines. Is it toxic at over a gram a week?

Take Micro-PA on your shoulders day (the day you want to work for your greatest gains).

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Well shucks, I’ve been using it 4x per week :grimacing:

Will reduce to 1x per week.

No, it’s not toxic. It’s about saving you money.

I want consumers to take the least amount of supplements producing the greatest effect. Micro-PA is an expense that you need to consider in your overall budget. If you have the extra money, and you’re already taking two Surge Workout Fuel doses per workout, then Micro-PA can make a significant difference in accelerating muscle gains. And one large Micro-PA dose per week on your target muscle day is plenty.

On the other hand, if you’re not taking Surge Workout Fuel, save your Mirco-PA until you are. You need the Surge formula to potentiate phosphatidic acid.


I have used Micro-PA and have loved its effects. However, I am wondering if you can comment on this study that was recently brought to my attention about " Enhancement of the migration of metastatic human breast cancer cells by phosphatidic acid."

The study suggests that “Since an enhanced ability to migrate heightens the metastatic potential of cells within solid tumors, our results suggest that the metastatic capabilities of breast cancer cells may be enhanced by a receptor-driven cellular process initiated by phosphatidic acid or related lipid phosphate messengers.”

Should there be any cause for concern for those of us that love Micro-PA?
Thanks in advance for your reply!!

Here is the link:
Enhancement of the migration of metastatic human breast cancer cells by phosphatidic acid - PubMed (

It doesn’t concern me. PA is a naturally occurring phospholipid the body needs for multiple actions. The study deals with (among other things) invasive breast cancer with no causality linked to PA.

Thanks for the reply, Tim. Greatly appreciated!

Why does Micro PA does need to be use with leucine, they both spike MTOR? Thank you

Whatever happened to MICRO PA? I still have a coupla bottles and ran across a site still selling this.
Since discontinued, I use as recommended, but very sparingly.
Is there a problem with this product. Is there a substitute out there?

We have discontinued Micro-PA. We stand behind the benefits of taking Micro-PA as a workout supplement and believe it significantly enhances muscle growth from exercise.

However, Micro-PA is a second-tier supplement you’d take after having the primary bases covered with Surge Workout Fuel, Plazma, and, Mag-10.

Effective workout supplements – the formulas that provide a significant advantage – are expensive. And most advanced trainees prefer spending any remaining budget on adding as much Mag-10 as possible, finding its muscle-growth boost is substantial.

Sorry for the delayed response, @frankcris!