New HST Routine - How's It Look?

Ok, so I just ended my 10 week 4 day split. Made some decent gains, but I feel it’s time to take the next 9 days off, and go back to HST as spring approaches. It’s been a few months since my last HST routine, and I’m changing things a bit to keep it interesting.

I’ve also hit my goal of 200lbs from bulking for the past few months, and find that HST is the perfect solution for me when dieting down a bit, and NOT wanting to add a ton of cardio, LOL. So, without further ado, here are the basics of my new routine, which I’ll be starting 9 days from now:

For starters, I’m going back to 3 days per week. Mon, Wed. Fri. Going to start with a 15 rep scheme for the 1st week, just to get things moving again, then run 2 weeks of 10’s, then 4 weeks of 5’s. (Possible negatives for the last week, but being partner dependant for that, maybe not). I’ll be doing 5-20 pound increments per day depending on the exercise, but this is what I have chosen as my routine, 1 warm up set for the big ones, 2 working for everything.

Incline Bench (15 degree max)
Weighted Dips
Bent Over Rows
Weighted Chins
Overhead Press
Behind the back barbell shrug
Preacher Curls
Seated Calf

That’s it! It’s probably the shortest routine I’ve ever done, and I’m hoping to be in and out of the gym in 45-60 minutes. I’ll be doing AB work and light cardio, incline walking, on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday’s. I’m basically trying to go from 200lb at 13%BF, to no less than 190lb at around 10%. This would be a nice change from me over last year, when I was 9% at 175lb. (Way to thin for my taste)

It’s also going to feel REALLY good to take a few days off. I’m feeling really burned out right now, and it’s probably from going full tilt for WAY too long.

thanks for looking over!

What you’re just going to do the same exact shit 3 days a week for a month? Your results will stagnate pretty quickly. You’ve got to have some variety.

An example for upper body pull(6-12 range):

Mon: pull-ups 4x12

Wed: Rows 5x8

Fri: chin-ups 6x6

When you’re able to perform the perscribed sets and reps add another set and see how many reps you can do without burning out. A nice simple progression. Now do the same for upper-body push and legs then just throw in some isolation and you’re set.