New Gameplan. What do you think?

OK Guys here’s my new gameplan. I posted earlier today and thanks to the replies and all the information I have gotten from T-Mag in general over the last few weeks since I discovered the sight. I am ready to trust a supplement company again. I am going to be doing 4 weeks on the Fat Fast diet combined with Meltdown training. I have ordered my Androsol for this fat loss cycle and have stocked up on Flax Oil and Fish Oil. From there I plan on a bulking phase and using Mag 10
for this cycle and using Ian King’s 12 week Chest and Back program along with some high volume lower body work. I have my order placed for my Biotest supplements and plan to start next week. I have not trusted a supplement company in a long time but because of all of the great responses I see on the boards here I have a renewed sense of optimism with my decision to give Biotest a shot. I will keep you all posted. Wish me luck
Thanks Guys.