New Administartion

Now that Clinton is gone and Gore lost, I presume Clintons Drug Czar McCafferty is also gone. He was the guy who wanted to make andro just as illegal as coccaine and heroin. Does anyone know what is going on on that front now that a new regime is at the helm?

Don’t worry about McCaf staying. He resigned two weeks ago… No word yet, though, on whom Bush will appoint to the position… Surely, though, he won’t be nearly as ignorant as his predecessor. I’m crossing my fingers that he’ll appoint Paul Dillett :slight_smile:

Judging on who Bush appointed to Attorney General (John Ashcroft), things can only get worse. The LP has this to say about Ashcroft:

“If drug policy and related Constitutional issues are the
criteria, there is no question that John Ashcroft has one of
the worst records on Capitol Hill. As Senator, John Ashcroft
sponsored a bill that would have simultaneously violated the
spirit if not the letter of both the 1st and 4th amendments to
the US Constitution: the ‘Methamphetamine Anti-Proliferation
Act’ would have criminalized certain drug- and drug policy-
related discussions on the Internet, and would have allowed
police to conduct secret searches of homes, with the residents
never being informed before or after that the police were
there. Indeed, in his six years in the Senate, Ashcroft
proposed amendments to the Constitution a full seven times,
including an amendment to make it easier to amend the

If we are ever going to have a chance of decriminalizing drugs or anabolics it will never happen with the two parties that are taking or freedom away. The libertarian party is the only party that will allow us to do what we want with our own bodies.Government is suppose to work from us the people.

Yup the old prick is gone, but I’m sure that Bush will appoint someone equally as ignorant, after all it IS a prerequisite for the job.

Let me be the drug czar. I’d be passing out rubbers and clean heroin needles to six year olds. Ok, maybe seven. That’s probably why I would never get the job.

First of all–Primteime, that’s not quite right. My guy, Nader, provided a refreshing look at this issue as well.

As for the “new regime” (I like the vocabulary, BTW), Bush’s position would probably be something like, “I refuse to answer if I’ve ever used a prohormonable.” Seriously, though, I’m worried that his crucade to hyper-cleanse the country will cause an overkill effort on everything from drugs to sexuality to media…And that’s saying a lot, because I’m a drug abuse counselor!

I certainly was no big fan of Gore’s but I have to say that I am sure as shit not having any rosey pictures about how things will be now. In a perfect world Nader would have won. Maybe I should stock up on some essentials and keep them really well hidden?

Exactly right, Akicita. Along with their gross incompetency at reducing the size and power of the government, the republicans can’t keep their goddamn noses out of people’s private lives; they’re obsessed with forcing their own conservative brand of morality onto the masses. I say fuck them all by voting libertarian next election.

I hear what all you guys are saying that both parties love to meddel in peoples lives a bit too much. But I find it ironic that we had a democrat in office who was pretty liberal but his drug czars policy was to target prohormones but then in the past we had republicans who are more hard liners but supported legislation on supplements. I think that was senator Hatch, so my hope is that they come on board again. All these supplement comapnies should ban together on this issue at least to lobby Congress. After all its not just in our interest as consumers for our cause of bigger muscles but its also in the bigger interest to ALL supplemnt companies so they can stay in business.

Akicita- You have a good point.Ralph Nader would make an impact on politics, and drug policies.But I haven’t really heard him speak much on the subject, and to what he would really do.The libertarian party has adressed this isue for many years before anyone had the balls to talk about this in the public eye.I wish most of the third party cadidates would get together and form a stronger party.They all have great ideas.This way they would be a force to be taken serious.

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