Need some cycles for winstrol/equipoise

I would like to cycle winstrol and equipoise,
don’t have a clue how to go about it and…
do I also need novadex …or is this bitch titi free.

Using Winstrol and Equipoise basically has the same considerations as seen in other threads in the forum on Equipoise and on Winstrol, and on cycling in general. You could also look at cycles of Primo and Winstrol, or Deca and Winstrol, and consider your plan to be rather similar, with the exception that Equipoise is longer acting than either, may be more inhibitory to T production than Primo is, and does convert a little to estrogen which Primo does not. I don’t know if it converts more or less than Deca does – Deca converts rather little. I have never used Equipoise, but know of no reason to think it has progestagenic properties, or if it does it is probably less than Deca. It isn’t known for causing the loss of libido Deca often does, but sometimes is known for causing a feverish, flu-like feeling (on the other hand, many users love the stuff and do not feel they have this problem.)

Basically, it’s a reasonable stack, only problems being that the mg/mL of Equipoise is low, so you have to inject a lot to get a reasonable dosage (400 mg/week or more) and also it is a veterinary product of often dubious quality. (You would have to ask someone else as to whether any brands are relatively high quality, for veterinary stuff anyway: I only know of the dubious stuff.)