My first cycle

Some friends told me about this website, so I thought I would give it a try. I recently purchased ttoykko brand nandrolone deconate 300. I have done a lot of researh about side effects, and come to the conclusion that overall deca seems to be the best bet with reguards to side effects. I have heard that I won’t see much in the way of gains either. I want to know what I could stack this with to see quality gains without testosterone like side affects (water retention, gyneocomastia, ect) I am 5’9" and weigh 175. What I hope to get out of this cycle is 10 or 15 pounds of quality mass. It is also important for me to remain lean. I have been considering stacking with winstrol and maybe primobolin. How much and for how long? Do I need anything like clomid when I finish? Help

I was planning the exact same thing for my first cycle. Like you, i’d rather stay away from Test. I’m thinking along the lines of 400mg Deca p/w, stacked with 50mg daily of stanazolol. I think that would give reasonable (not amazing) gains that i could keep post-cycle. Water-retention probably wouldn’t be a big problem at that dose of deca, and i’d say you could remain quite lean. Just be sure to consume plenty of protein while using a cycle that makes use of deca. Whether you choose a 2-on 4-off or longer cycle will depend on what you stack with the deca. Eg, i wouldn’t use winstrol for longer than 6 weeks since it’s harsher on the liver. If you use primo, then you might want to try an 8 week cycle. Either way, i’d be interested to hear some anecdotal evidence from those who have actually tried a stack like this.

use eq 400mg per wk,150mg oral winnie per dayfor6wks.start clomid 3wks into cycle.can usenolvadex too,tosupress estrogen asd it willharden your assup really well,burn fat .youshouldent need hcg as this stack is easy on mostguys.tokkyo labs makes a 200mg boldenone.eq. gains are slow steady and quality mass,vascularity drastically increases,appetite goes berserk so eat clean,high pro moderate carb low fat

Alot depends on if you might face any competition related drug tests. Not smart to use deca in that case as it stays in the system forever(12 months in some cases, perhaps more).