Need Professional Help with an Injury

as usual, I need your awesome help in order to make me active one again.
(I mostly read and “lurk” but my problem felt so specific I felt obligated to write all of this)

some background:
I’m 23 male, used to be 140 kilo and now I’m 90 kilo
I worked out for the past 9 months in weightlifting and got amazing results.

the injury:

let me get right to it;

I’ve sprained something in my neck.
While asleep, I felt something was wrong and aching - so I tried to stretch my neck… seemingly my motion was way off (in terms of strength used, perhaps)
since I’m having some major problems which mostly result in pain for a month straight ever since that night.

the problems are as such:

  1. my neck hurts. (right side-ish) especially when I pull my head back
  2. my shoulder hurts real bad sometimes - especially when I try to go to sleep which results in sleeping disorders. (it’s 3:49 am around here … and I can’t sleep.)
  3. my fingers at the right hand are NUMB. not totally numb, of course, but like most are 10-20% numb and the index finger is like 60% numb…
  4. my entire right arm gets numb real fast, especially while sitting on a computer or in sleeping position. (of all sorts)
  5. right trap aches as well. can’t flex it without feeling immense pain jolting throughout all of the above parts of my body “screaming” in pain.

What I’ve been doing since

  1. All sorts of stretching. (yoga and stuff too)
    didn’t help.
  2. went to the doctor - sent me for some x-ray - doesn’t help.
  3. gave me Betaren (anti inflammatory pills [100mg of active stuff, I think])
    doesn’t help.
  4. did EMG - didn’t show up anything unusual… (well, according to them a 10-15% decrease of responsiveness in the right hand is fine…)
  5. gonna do … I have no idea who it’s called in English… Bone mapping? it’s the one where you’re injected some radioactive crap to check for small fractures and such…

in short, my doctor is clueless as to what’s my issue and I’m getting worried, and worse - I’m getting FLABBY.

some professional aid would be welcome.

I just found out that when I twist my right arm in some weird way
I feel some sort of weird… muscle or tendon pain - can’t put my finger on it.

could that be it? if so - how come my neck spraining made it appear?

Thanks a lot for reading, and hopefully I’ll hear from you soon so I can keep being in the best shape of my life.

How did you injure yourself? Was it say a movement with the barbell on your back, like a good morning?

Not sure why you’re coming to an internet forum for professional help.

I actually had it happen while in bed, after a workout.
I just kinda… cracked my neck …

and I seek your help since the MD who are taking care of me so far are kinda clueless and thus far had no results in easing the pain, not to speak of solving the problem…

in any case the (awesome) poster andersons has sent me some useful advice and I’ll try the PT he’s suggesting and see how it goes. :slight_smile:

If you need Professional help…go see a Professional, duh!