Need Help!

hey t-nation,
I need help in my diet! I am 15 years old and i’ve been working out since 3 months. I am 162 lbs, 5’7 i dont know my BF level cuz i dont know how to figure it out. My main goal is to get lean and get around 11% BF level. I have been having problems with my diet. In 3 months i lost only 4 lbs so yea i need some help

This is what i eat in a day:

8:00am eggs or just milk with my protein shake
12:00pm protein shake and fish oil
4:00pm lunch usually some chicken with some rice
6:00pm PWO (after workout)
9:00pm dinner similar to lunch

These are the questions i have:
Should i change my diet? should i add something to my diet?

how much protein should i get per day?
how much carbs i need per day? and what is a good source for carbs?

i know abouts fats…usually i get it from fish oil or flax seeds around 50grams of it per day.

Thanks for the help!