OK, gotta get ripped ASAP. Getting into modeling, I’m more concerned
w/ bodybuilding but I might be able to make money w/ this so I gotta get
ripped ASAP. Been doing the Anabolic Diet, I’m 6’3", 230 around 11%bf.
Losing fat slow, but I gotta get there now. Don’t want the puny model
look, I’m kinda big, but wanna get really ripped. Hard time losing fat on
abs and chest. I have a bottle of Ara-Test. 10ml bottle w/ 250mg
testosterone each ml. Thinking of using 90% lean ground beef instead
80%, which is 50% fat by calories in actuality. That would give 50%fat
and 50% protein in the diet. Around 225g Protein, rest fat and 1800
calories. Also 30g carbs post-workout. Carb-up Saturday only. Use
German Body Comp program and 500mg test a week w/ md6. Any
Advice GREATLY appreciated. Muscle loss concern but I’m more
concerned w/ getting ripped. Thank You

Yohimbe is very good for buring problem area fat, ie obliques and chest
fat on Men. Also, try a 2 to 3 week fat fast on about 1500 cal, you
should be able to drpo at least 6 to 9lbs of fat on it. Ps, muscle
modelling is a better option than full blown bodybuilding, look at Frank
Sepe. I’m trying to get work in the UK, 5ft 6, 150lbs, 7 per cent bf, your
height is a real advantage.

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You’ll find some serious diets on there. As a person who went from 275-175 I can tell you it takes some time, and if you knock of 30lbs in 2 weeks your skin is not going to have time to catch up. Being impatient with the body has serious ramifications.