NCAA Approved Alternative to MD6

This is my problem - I am a varsity track athlete at my university and NCAA regulations do not allow for ephedra of Mau Huang in any supplements. MD6 is banned. Does anyone know of an ephedrine free thermogenic (other than t2 which I am already taking)?? I mean, I know they are out there but are they even worth buying? Track season starts in a weeks so that means we can get tested at any time so I had to stop taking the MD6, but I want the benefits of it still… let me know, thanks!

Charles Poliquin said a great alternative for ephedrine for increase performance before a workout is to use about 5-7 grams acetyl-l- carnitine goto “preparing for the ultimate workout” here at t-mag and look at Charles Poliquin web site under questions for specifics as for fat loss use Prime by Dr Serrano or Adrenerlin by Bodyonics Pinnaccle just type in above products you should find it easily

There are several non ephedra/mahuang type products that have benefit as fat burners that you can still use. Here’s a brief list:
caffeine, Forskholin, tyrosine, green tea extract, Korean ginseng, 3-indole-carbinol, Ashwaganda. For a combination of all the products you might want to try T-2 pro which contains forskholin along with some potent tyrosine derivatives or Dr. Eric Serrano’s fat burner Prime which contains everything else.