Natural Hormone Enhancement

Just wondering if anyone has read or used the Natural Hormone Enhancement diet by Rob Faigin? I just recently began reading the book, and so far I’m very impressed with it, though I haven’t gotten a chance to follow the eating guidelines yet. Any thoughts?


I’ve been using this diet for over a year. Works great for me! I have trouble with carbohydrates , so this diet has been a blessing for me! I’ve kept and even gained muscle while leaning out to a respectable point. I do the bodybuilders version from the book.

Of the hundreds of books I’ve read over the past 20 years, NHE is quite possibly the best. It does a terrific job of pulling together and explaining the synergy that exists between lifestyle, diet and training. You won’t be disappointed with the results.

can you elaborate on the diet-what kinda diet it is high protein etc… as you can tell i know nothing about it.

I have done this one. It is great for fat loss however your energy goes in the toilet. I had no energy on this diet for the first month. Eventually my body adjusted and it seemed to work better however I have to say there are easier ones out there that are just as affective if not more and less of a pain with the carb counting etc.

Those of you that have done this diet, how was your strength? I’m currently doing Westside Training, and I’m afraid that if I do NHE I might lose some strength. I’m also curious about Rob Faigin’s post-workout nutrition, since it goes against everything that John Berardi and T-mag has taught us.

A few answers to questions posted. It is a higher protein diet. The bodybuilder version is a high fat diet. I did not lose energy, in fact I gained LOTS of energy. But I had a problem with carbohydrates. If you try this diet and are losing energy (after the first week) then you might look at how much fat you’re eating! On this program you change from being a sugar burner to a fat burner! You now use fat as your energy source! If you don’t eat enough of it your energy suffers. To get my daily fat I supplement with several oils, eat lots of red meat, eggs, cheese and especially fatty fish!