Nandrosol and Tribex recommendation

Okay guys, I did something I never thought I would do. I purchased a prohormone…yes, I just bought Nandrosol. I’m still relunctant about doing it, but I figured that I should give it a try. But I need recommendations from the T-mag crew.

Bill, Brock, Chris, TC, Tim...What would be your recommended dosages for me? Based on the fact that I'm 25, 5'4", 142lbs at about 11% bodyfat.

I don’t want side effects as I am already genetically predisposed to balding. And I also have perfect skin…and want to keep it that way!

So should I do 35 sprays twice a day for the two weeks on of Nandrosol? Followed by three caps of Tribex for weeks 3-6?

Please advise me on your best recommendation for not having side effects, yet having good gains! This is an expensive investment, and I want to get as much as I can out of it without the side effects.

Thank you for your help! I will keep an accurate record of my gains during this time to see how much of a difference it makes. I’ll keep you posted.

I think your planned dose of 35 sprays twice per day is appropriate given what you want to do.

I’m not sure on the Tribex. Some people – but
I really have no idea what percentage, it might be small – have gotten increased acne from it, no doubt from increased T levels. I may be being a Chicken Little here crying that the sky is falling, and for the average guy there is no reason to be worried about Tribex here, but
if someone wants NO chance of ANY effect on the skin Tribex might (or might not) be inappropriate.

It would be interesting if some others have
some feedback on the Tribex issue… I’m not
a Tribex expert and have really not gotten
info from that many users.

If it turns out that, yes, others on the
forum have felt like Tribex had the slightest
adverse effect on skin (no matter that it’s
temporary) and you don’t want that, you’d
have no problem returning the items if you liked. It may turn out though that I’m just talking about something unusual.

I have noticed a slight increase in breakouts from 6 caps of Tribex twice a day but for some reason it tends to be a little on my back and shoulders and nothing on my face. It’s really not much and in my opinion nothing that I worry about.

Bill and Deniz, thanks for the input. I have another question for you. Bill, you said the 35 sprays twice a day will work. Now, not regarding side effects, do you think I should use more?

Also, as for Tribex, what is the recommended dosage? Is it three caps twice a day? Or is it four caps twice a day? Or more?

I've seen different recommendations from everyone on the board and am not sure what to follow.

Again, keep my size in mind. And also what would be the dose based on minimal side effects? And what is your recommended dose for maximum gains?

I’m just trying to figure out the best way to maximize this stack and gain some good muscle. And I’m hoping I’ll make the kind of gains that Tim would think deserves a T-mag leather jacket!

Thanks again!

Well, if side effects are not an issue (and it’s not as if they’ll be much more, they won’t) then 70 sprays twice per day. If zero side effects guaranteed is the goal, then I don’t know if it’s as with Deca, where low dose like 200 mg/week actually is easier on the hair and skin than the natural state, or not. 35 sprays twice per day is pretty conservative and will probably give about 2/3 the gains of 70 sprays twice per day.

Nate, minimum Tribex dose is 6 caps a day. The most I’ve heard of someone using was 12 caps a day. Average among users based on the feedback I hear is 8 a day. All of these are in divided dosages, of course.

What’s best for you? I think it’s all comes down to personal experimentation really. I’d start with 6 and work up if I were you. In fact, that’s what I did. Be wary of “Tribex moments.” This is when Mr. Happy decides to pop up and say howdy for no apparent reason.

Bill and Chris, thank you for the info! I’ll use your recommendations.

I think I'll go ahead and try 70 sprays twice a day of the Nandrosol and start with 6 caps of Tribex. Is that 6 caps total? Or six caps twice a day?

If I notice any side effects, then I’ll reduce the amount of Nandrosol.

As for "mr. happy" popping up, that won't be a problem, I still have that happen so I've gotten used to hiding it during inopportune times!

Six caps total. Take three in the morning with a little food and three in the afternoon. Next cycle try 4 and 4. Keep us posted!