My Routine- Critique Please

well here goes. i dont post here that much but after some gym trouble i think i need to. dont be too harsh im here for help and YES i have read the stickies. my question is this.

i never really believed in overtraining or at least that i could do it. i thought that was for the guys who did curls in the squat rack 5 times a week. but my lifts have just dropped a little or mabye more so have hit a plateau… my training goes as such.

m,th-chest&back. for chest i start with flat barb. bench then incline, and decline. i do not limit myself to these exercises and will often switch out incl.,decl. with inclne dumbells or flys. back is bent row, lat pulldowns, and pullups.

t,fri-shoulders,tris.-barbell seated shoulder press, dumb. press and some form of burnout lateral and front raises. tri. are close grip bench,tricep extension w/rope, reverse tricep ext.(underhand grip) with cable bar. i usually burn out on these(do a weight for 5 reps, reduce then for10, so on)mabye dips to warm up

w,sat- bic.,legs- start with squats,deads, and calf raise. then mabye barbell curls, preacher curls, and some dumb.curl burn out to finish it off…

my goal is to gain strength along with some mass as i am fighting mma but have 4 years of college to bulk up more…i am now 18 170 lbs,5’9 bench 185-6 reps.squat-dont use to much weight but go ass to grass for 5 reps mabye use 245.(while im doing my lighter squats i am usually approached and asked how many sets i have left.

when im done i watch the next guy stack it up with 3 plates a side and go about 2 in. down…typical day at a college gym. i ussually rep 225 5-8 times on deads. so yes i lift heavy for myself on most exercises.when i got up here i was about 176 doin 185 8-10 times and many other lifts have dropped just a little. plz critque this routine any help is much appreciated

This routine can’t be critiqued. There are no reps or sets listed.

I can’t do anything until I see a regular, notarised routine such as you would record your results in a log with.

You keep a log right?

ya normally i dont try to go over 5-6 reps for 4-5 sets on the major lifts… mabye with triceps i go a little higher on the reps


If it’s not working, switch it up. You’re the only one who can judge if your program is right. Try switching sets/reps/exercises/order of exercises/rest periods/bodyparts per workout/etc. Or just try a new workout listed on this site - much easier.

Are you getting stronger? If you are, don’t change anything. If you’re not, making changes until you are.

Are you gaining a tiny bit of body fat? If not, you probably aren’t eating enough to optimise strength/size gains. It took me ages to finally realise this point, but it’s true.