My Journal

I’m starting 10x3 for fat loss today with T-dawg 2.0 as my diet. I’m going to keep you guys updated on how its going. I know its not Monday so im not supposed to start a new program but i cant wait i want to start today so im just gonna do day 3 of 10x3 for fat loss today and some sprints tomorrow. On Monday the full version will start.

This is going to be sort of like a journal telling you how im progressing and I think it’ll help me more this way to stick to my plan for atleast a 3-4 month period.

Stats as of now:

Weight this morning: 203
Body fat: roughly 13%-14%
Bench press: 230
Squat- i really dont know but my box squat is around 225 for 3 reps

My goal on this diet is to drop down to 175 with about a 7% body fat by Jan. 1 with no noticable muscle loss (any strength increase would be great).