My first week on the Fat Fast…

Last week on the Fat Fast…

It was a little disappointing. I lost 3 lbs of fat, and gained about 2 lbs of FFM. I am using the Meltdown training as best I can, but I don’t think my intensity level is as high as it should be. I don’t feel like I’m going to puke, or anything. And I barely break out a sweat. But I do notice the soreness, and higher ketones levels in my urine.

My question is about the diet.

Using Brocks formula, I am at 1600 cals.
About 600 g fat and 900 g protein.

Isn’t that a lot of protein?

Can I do this while eating real meat, i.e , fish, chicken, beef, eggs?
Or does it all have to come from shakes?

I guess what I’m saying is that I am having problems getting the diet rotion of this down pat.

I read people telling Laurie how the diet portion is hella. And I’m just not seeing that.

Please any advice you can give would be helpful.

Don’t get me wrong, I am grateful with any weight loss that I have. But I’m ready to do some serious fat shedding. I’m in it to win it. SO please share the knowledge.


First of all, if you gained 2 pounds of muscle while shedding 3 pounds of fat in 1 week, you are doing great! However, if you’re eating 600 grams of fat and 900 grams of portein, then you’re taking in 9,000 calories a day! This can’t be correct. To answer your question though, yes you can substitute meat for protein powder if you want to.

Are you sure about your numbers? 600g of fat? 900g of protein? Thats 600x9=5400 cals. and 900x4 is 3600 cals so you are eating 9000 cals?
Check your numbers and post again.

I am not familiar with the diet, but i can tell you this much, eat as much whole food as possible. Shakes are good to supplement your diet, but they they “become” your diet you lose out on all the energy (calories) your body burns while metabolizing food.

It’s nice to know somebody else is on this hellish diet… I’m on Day 3 right now, and I’ll do it for either 2 or 3 weeks, depending how I feel. I suppose I’m getting over the hump today since I feel more energetic, alert, etc. I’ll let you guys know how I do after my weekly weigh-in (those daily ones drive me crazy!)

Okay, you guys are right. I meant calories, not grams. But I redid my numbers, and here is where I stand.

60% of BMR is :
94 g fat
317 g protein

below is my adjusted diet:
m1 - Zero carb shake (50 g pro/o fat) 1 tbsp oil

m2 homemade pro bar (24.25 g pro/17.25 g fat/2.5 g carbs)

m3 2 cans tuna with may and spork rinds (78 g pro/12 g fat)

m4 zero carb shake ( 50 g pro) 1 tbsp oil

m5 2 cans tuna with may and spork rinds (78 g pro/12 g fat)

m6 homemade protein bar (24.25 g pro/17.25 g fat/2.5 g carb

And I wil fill in the rest of the fat grams with flax oil (about 2 tbsp)

How does this look?

I weigh 259 (Yeah I broke the 260 barrier!!!). I’m 34 yrs old mother of two, and 5’ 7"

Just remember that it is good if you can lose 1 lb of fat a week. If you are losing more weight and it is not muscle then Good Job! Remember that anything that requires work, time, and effort is worth it. Just take it one day at a time and keep a positive atittude. If you want it you will get it. Best wishes.

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rosie, you say you are doing the meltdown routine wih low intensity. Do you want to figure out how to kick it up? Maybe if you post details of how you do it you could get some advice. I know the routine as published has to be re-interpreted for individual abilities.

It still sounds like your calories are kind of high at a little over 2100, at least for a fat fast diet. Remember that in Brock’s original article he was consuming only 1300 calories a day. He was lighter than you to start with ( ~210 lbs. i believe) but he was also probably at a considerably lower %BF. If you calculated your BMR using your bodyweight you may want to recalculate that by using your lean body mass instead. Also, how are you checking you %BF?

I too noticed that Brock’s formula in the female fat fast was a lot more than in the original version–Rosie’s calories look right according to his formula in the female fat fast. Is it a gender difference: I.e., can men drop their calories down further because they can use androsol?

Rosie, if you don’t mind, would you share some details about your cardio and lifting? Are you doing as much cardio as Brock wrote about for Laurie? Also, how do you make those zero-carb protein bars?

I’m rooting for you!

thanks for the heads up. I am using the formula Brock posted for Laurie. 60% [(10.2W)+870] This gives me my dietary calorie intake. Laurie weighed maybe 10lbs less than me at her beginning, but her bf% was higher by about 3% points. I use a Tanta fat scale to get my BF, but I also have a pair of calipers that I am going to start using soon. If it should be less than that, then I’ll go lower. I could do it based on my LBM. That is around 140 lbs right now. It does seem high to me, too. And getting the food in is going to be hard. Lower values would work better. Putting my LBM into the equation, I get 1384.2 cals a day. That works much better for me, and I won’t have to worry about forcing too much protein down my gullet. OOOh, let me go figure this out. I think I can make it work for me. And actually, the lesser calories would be easier to follow than that high number.

Thanks again, Can you feel the excitement in my typing. I’ll lket you guys know how it works for me by the end of next week.

It’s not so much that I do low intensity, but lower than probably the plan calls for. I probably can go up on weights and add intensity. I need to buy some 25 lb plates for my bar to get my squats in the zone.

Here is what I do. Because of time constraints, I only do the day one routine 3 days a week. I also add extra ab work. I don’t have a chin bar, so here is the routine:

A1) decline pullovers 3x10
A2) barbell squats 3x10
A3) bent knee push-ups (the girlie kind) 3x10 (but hey, I’m making progress. I can do about 5 straight leg ones)
A4) deadlifts (still not sure I’m doing these right. I watched a video on the net, and practiced it) 3x10

0 seconds between exercises (okay, maybe about 15-30 seconds rest)
120 seconds between sets

B1) Russian twist 3x10 (OUCH!!!)
B2) Straight Leg Raises ??? (lying on my back, straight legs raised in the air, I lower them to about 3-6 inches from the ground and hold for slow 3-count), then raise them again 3x10
B3) 100 crunches splint into 3 sets
0 seconds between exercises
30 seconds between sets.

This is what I do 3 days a week. It takes me about 35 minutes to do the whole routine. Yes, I feel the burn during the workout, and the soreness the next day. My heart rate elevates, and I sweat a little. But from the way they describe, I feel like I should be more taxed than this, almost to the point of puking my guts out or sweating buckets of water.

Should my sets go to failure? I’m not at failure, but by the tenth rep, on most exercises (not squats, I really need more weight plates) I’m straining to get it done.

Any help would be useful at this point. I know anything is better than what I was doing in February – nothing!!! And I’ve made some great progress. Hey 20lbs in 6 weeks is nothing to sneeze at. I can even see my Popeye muscles getting definition. But I want to see the kind of progress that Laurie makes. Give me the 40 lbs in 6 weeks, and you won’t see any discouragement on my face.

My first goal is to lose about 30 more pounds between April 1 and May 10th (my anniversary). It will be hard, but I know it is doable with the Fat Fast. I just need to tweak it right. I think I am on my way with the pointers on my diet. And maybe if I can get my weight s right, I’ll make better progress.

Thanks to all who have helped.


I do all my weights in the evening. Mornings are strictly cardio. On weight days – M, W, and F - it is 30 minutes of cardio at 75% (same as I do on cardio evenings) and weights in the evening… On off days – T, H – I do a 20 minute HIIT session cycling between 6mph and 4 mph for about with 3 minute warm up and 2 minute cool down. In the evenings, I run for about 35-45 minutes at about 3.5 to 4 mph. Sometimes I slow it down to a 3mph walk with a level 10 incline. That’s is for cardio of me. I detailed the weights in a message to Emily just above this one.

The protein bars, are still a work in progress. For me they are a little too greasy. I pulled the info from lowcarbcafe dot com. If you want, I can email it to you. They are not Zero carb, but they are only about 2.3 – 3 carbs a bar. And if I only eat one to two a day, then that’s not much in the scheme of things. I do count them in my daily food log, so that I don’t go over the daily calories.

I think I’ll use energy’s recommendation and use my LBM to calculate my calorie count for the next couple of weeks and see what that does for me. I believe with the T2-Pro, my metabolism won’t be that much effected.

Does anyone know the side effects or dangers of using taking more than the recommended does of T2-Pro? Not that I have, but I just wanted to know. With calories this low, I didn’t want to become dependent on the stuff to keep my thyroid working after the fat fast.

Keep pushing for me.

Rosie, Kelly brought up a good point about Androsol allowing men to reduce calories more than women. You may want to split the difference between 2100 and 1300 calories for a week and see how that goes. Also, are you using Methoxy 7? This could help you retain your lean mass and still be safe for you.

Rosie, it sounds like you’re doing pretty good on the workout. If you’re fairly new to weight training it may be enough if you feel a burn and get a little sore. I wouldn’t worry about not feeling nauseated, some people just don’t. But I’ve never heard of anyone not sweating if they’re pushing hard. You said the last few reps are hard, which sounds good. Maybe you just need to build up more so you can push yourself harder. You could try a little more weight so you go to failure on the last set. Be very cautious on squats, though, it doesn’t sound like you have a spotter. Have you thought about alternating between the meltdown day 1 and day 2 routine? If you have a barbell you can do push presses & rows. If you have a bench you can do bench dips. On pushups, try doing straight legs ones as you can and bent knee pushups for the rest. Do you stretch after? You’re doing really well and are on a good program. Remember it’s more important to be consistent long term than to get dramatic short term results. Good luck and please keep posting on your progress!

Hey Rosie,
I’m on my first week of fat fast also. I think your may have your protein and fat intake wrong. It shouldn’t be 900 grams of protein and 600 grams of fat, but it should be 900 calories from protein which is equal to 225 grams of protein, and 67 grams of fat. I hope this helps you out! Good Luck!