My First Cycle: Test E, Dbol. PCT?

Good evening ladies and gentlemen. I’m new to this forum and as you can see from the title I’m also a non when it comes to steroids. I’ve done a lot of research but I’m getting different information from everyone so I don’t know what to believe. I’m planning on doing my first 12 week cycle in the coming month. I’ve been training natural for the passed 9 years and I’m now 25 years old, 183cm and 95.4kg.

I was thinking about doing: .400MG TEST E WEEKLY

So the questions I am asking are:

  1. Do you think this is a good begginer cycle?
  2. When and how should I use arimidex. I’ve heard 1mg every other day?
  3. What should I use for my PCT and how much of it? Some people say just clomid is fine, others say if you don’t use HCG then you’ll mess yourself up.

All a bit confusing really but I’m going to get my bloods done before hand and I want to do this as safely as possible.

I appreciate your time in reading this and look forward to the replies and having you on this journey with me.

Many thanks

Just search First Cycles on these forums. Standard is going to be 12-15 weeks 500mg Test a week divided into two shots. Keep AI on hand, dont use unless needed. PCT you should search that more on these forums too.

500mg/w test e or c
10-12 weeks
AI on hand but do not use until necessary
Skip the dbol
Pct Nolva for six weeks 40/40/20/20/20/20 (there are variations in pct protocols but that one works well)
Eat a lot
Lift a lot
Sleep well
Don’t do anything stupid
Enjoy results


Only a LITTLE bit of crack is acceptable on 500mg test… any more than a little bit is stupid amirite

Really appreciate the help guys!
Skip the Dbol completely?
Stupid question but with the nolva, is that 40mg per week to start with? And do I split thy during that week into smaller amounts each day or just one dose every 7 days?

Thanks again guys, I’ll make sure to look at more of those threads.

Week 1 - 40mg/day
Week 2 - 40mg/day
Week 3 - 20mg/day
Week 4+ - same as week 3

Thank you for all the help and clearing up the Nolva situation. Is HCG vital for the PCT?

You can take it up until the point you start PCT but not during.

You could consider 350mg a week for your first cycle and get good results. That leaves you room to nudge abit higher on your next cycle.

I mention this as i personally couldnt see any more benefits from 500mg over 350mg per week in my experience. Im sure going even higher would, but i add in more anabolic compounds rather than up the testosterone, it can then help you avoid needing an ai etc. Then a second cycle could be something like 250mg test and 250mg EQ. Just a thought for beginner cycles :thinking:

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What more anabolic compounds do you add with good results?

EQ or deca is good to add to some testosterone. Most gym rats can do well on a total of 500mg of test and an anabolic like deca or eq eg 250T and 250EQ. If you start to platue on those cycles than add another 200mg of anabolics but going above that and your really probably looking into competing seriously. I think alot of guys dont milk the gains out of the lower doses enough.