My 3 Day Per Week Workout

Ok , so after soliciting some great advice and taking into account some questions that Shugart took the time to answer for me, I have decided on a three day plan. I would appreciate any help on if this is a good plan or if I should change any of the exercizes. I plan on doing two sets of each with 10-12 reps. Also, why is it more beneficial to do the program this way. If I went back to my one muscle per day approach, i would still get in all of the exercises (I am sure its a simple answer). Anyway, here is my workout, any advice would be great.

Day 1: Monday

Bench Press
Front Lat Pulldown
Upright Rows
Front Raises
Standing Curl
Incline DB Curl
Rope Pulldown
Tri Extension
Leg Curl

Day 2: Wednesday

Incline Bench Press
Pull Ups
Bent over Rows
Front Military press
Side Raises
Preacher Curls
Concentration Curls
Face Breakers
Bi-lateral Leg Curl

Day 3: Friday
Dumbbell Bench
Seated Row
Behind the Neck Press
Shrugs/Rear Delts
Seated DB Curl
Chin Ups
Close Grip BP
Leg Press

Many ways to go about this, but I’d suggest one exercise per body part, not two as you’ve listed. One exercise, two sets.

If you tried your plan at true, full intensity you probably wouldn’t make it through. And if you did, the last half would suffer. As written, your plan would require 22 sets and a lengthy workout – that’s not high intensity, if that’s what you’re trying to achieve.

I’d suggest cutting all the minor exercises and keeping the big ones. Example: Front raises – cut them.

Chris, thanks…Will cut out the little things. I guess the question I have is: What type of rest are you taking in between sets?

I agree with Chris, cut your volume of excercises in half. You may want to change up the number of reps
2 sets of 10 to 12
then later in the week…
3x8 then 8x3.

Check out Waterbury’s article this week for more on this.

[quote]dfuniversal wrote:
Chris, What type of rest are you taking in between sets?[/quote]

There are many options here, but generally speaking the answer is “short rest periods are optimal.”

Originally, this type of training was done on a lot of machines, so it was easy to jump from one to another quickly. Bodybuilders would take 15-30 seconds if training under the evil eye of Arthur Jones. They also kept buckets handy, if you get my drift.

Most recommend about a minute these days. Personally, I vary from 30 seconds to up to two minutes depending on the exercise. Deadlifts, leg presses, and squats = longer rest periods, while shoulder work and arms = short rest periods. Ideally, you’ll improve as you go along. Much depends on your fitness level (cardiorespiratory conditioning).

Traditionally, these workouts are pretty short, always under an hour and some as short as 15-30 minutes (although this is usually with the classic 1-set-to-failure variations.)

A clarification on my last post: I usually divide leg training into hip-dom and quad-dom. So one exercise for each. Today’s workout for example was deadlifts and hip belt squats. Wednesday’s was leg press and stiff leg deads. If your sets are getting too high, drop calves or just do a single set.