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did anyone see the diets of the women who changed their body in 12 weeks. Is it just me or they were on starvation diet. Sample meal plan:

Meal 1 Oatmeal, lowfat cottage cheese and fruit
Meal 2 Myoplex™ Lite Bar
Meal 3 Tuna and crackers
Meal 4 4oz. Lean steak, spinach salad w/ balsamic dressing
Meal 5 “Lean Cuisine” Frozen Dinner
Meal 6 Myoplex Low Carb™ Bar

Most will rebound badly. I saw a few past winners on a talk show and they already looked like shit compared to their “afters.”

Starvation diet? Well let me tell you I’m not a big fan of BP or BFL but that diet seems like a normal plan for a dieting woman.
Again, that’s what I think, it could be wrong.

Actually, that is a pretty sound diet. It is no where near starvation. Yes, as TEK said, some do blow up after. That has more to do with their environment and willpower. (if your spouse eats like shit, your kids eat like shit, your love life sucks, your coworkers eat like shit, etc). Remember also that men have faster metabolisms that women due to carrying more muscle mass as well as extra testosterone. I would and have put my women clients on similar diets and all have lost and kept it off. In fact most usually ate less than the above mentioned diet after losing the weight and still felt good. Us guys eat and eat and eat to gain muscle and sometimes we have a hard time getting in all those calories. Most women just want to look fit and trim. Oh, and the diet is healthy as well. (lean beef and spinach for iron that women are generally lacking in, cottage cheese for calcium, oatmeal for fiber and healthy fat) About the only thing lacking would be to add about a tablespoon daily of flax or fish oil (if the tuna was not Daves).

Don’t seem bad for a woman.It depends on their goals.

U think everyone needs to eat 5K calories like u?

Like most said, it is a good diet for a woman and I’ve seen that menu plan–it was for one of the women winners. Hey, props to them–they unfortunately get more flak from the bb community than couch potatoes do. Phillips helps more people get in shape than Weider ever has.

Actually if you go back and look to see who made the most impressive “change”. There was a Clark Kent look-alike and the “skinny” black dude(excuse me for not remembering they’re names), watch the first video and look for when both of them were sitting down for lunch and they start to talk about taking in huge amounts of calories(5,000?) They still use that guys picture in the ads. It’s funny how much sh!t that Bill P. used to talk about Weider, and then suddenly he started saying how smart of a business man he was…what!!!

Skinny black dude = Anthony Ellis
He has his own training program out, very similiar to BFL except it is strictly for hardgainers tryng to gain weight. It’s what I started on before I moved up to T-Mag.

I think Rachel Moore’s diet is a lot similar to the one you just described above.