Muscle Mass Diet?

I’m 16 years of age, and I’ve been working out about 4 months now. I workout about 5 times a week for aproximately 90 minutes, and I do cardio about 2-3 times a week(mainly whenever I have the time.) I weigh around 160 pounds, and my daily activity(not including work-outs) is about a 2 out of 5. I have no idea what my body fat percent is because getting my hands on a pair of fat calipers isn’t exactly easy.

Anyway, I’m looking to gain some muscle mass. I’m wondering how many calories a day I should be taking in. I know the protein grams I should be having is somewhere close to my weight, but I have no idea how many calories. Also, if anyone would be kind enough to give me some hints on the types of food I should be eating or anything related to my “should be” diet I would be very appreciative. Thanks.

Hey man, I hope I’m not jumping the gun here being new to the forum and needing to learn myself and all but these guys are going to tell you the same thing they told me. You need to read up on the info that’s here in the back issues. Click on the previous issues link and search for these articles:
the Diet Manifesto
Foods that Make You Look Good Nekid
Massive Eating
Appetite for Construction part I & II
T-Dawg Diet
Preparing for the Ultimate Workout

Read, read, read, it’s all here bro…

get some JDSmucker’s Weight Gainer 2000 - the grocery store calls it “Natural Peanut Butter,” but it’s really JDSmucker’s Weight Gainer 2000.

Ok kid, do this. Go to the diet manifesto article, and READ IT. Next choose a diet that fits your needs and READ IT. Then after selecting and reading the article, DO IT. I’m not writing this to sound like an asshole. What I want you to do is to get as educated as you can and make up your mind for yourself what YOU need. KNOWLEDGE IS POWER!!! This will help you in your quest for size. Basically at your age, you should be able to grow on just about any increased calorie diet. Just keep it clean. NO JUNK! Well, OK, a little junk never killed anybody. You are only 16 after all, you have plenty of time to get the body you want. My advice is read the back issue diets. This will give you all the advice you could possibably need right now.

The problem is… I don’t know my body fat percent… so I really can’t calculate those diets.