Muscle-gaining cycle

id like some feedback from some of u guys on what you feel are the essential supplements (and brands for those supplements) for a hard-lifting 3 month cycle to help gain muscle. because im only 17, i dont want to take pro-hormones, but besides creatine and glutamine, what are the other supplements that will really give me good gains? id appreciate any advise.

Just get an MRP like Grow!, use creatine if you want, and EAT, EAT, EAT! Read the ‘diet manifesto’ article at t-mag. Don’t mess with anything exotic- probably doesn’t work anyway. Just use MRPs (which is just food anyway) and spend the rest of your money on solid food.

tek is right on the money, besides protein powder there is nothing else you should worry about except all the food you can possibly cram down your pie hole in one day

pROTEIN is the only thing worth buying, but if you got the cash and want to get some legit results try using METHOXY which will work great specially since your young. Protein and Methoxy and your set.

2-3 grams in the morning on an empty stomach.
I buy mine from peakhealth.
I use TwinLab ACL-Fuel.

Food is your supplement. Stick to eating a high-protein diet with moderate carbs and fat. If you have trouble getting all the calories and protein that you need, then take a good MRP. Other than that, you should use a multi-vitamin, Vitamin C and Vitamin E.

Until you get your nutrition in order, all the supplements in the world won’t matter. I thought I was doing well. I’ve always eaten clean. But after going to the NHB Seminar in Orlando, I realized that I’m not eating enough calories, and I need more protein. Why waste my money on supplements if they aren’t going to help because my diet isn’t as good as it should be? Trust me on this one bro!

Kitt…everything that these fellas are saying and what I’m about to say is nothing but the hardcore truth, baby. It may not be want you want to hear, I know I always wanted that special supplement to give me MUSCLE, MUSCLE, and more MUSCLE without any of that nasty fat. Well, guess what? I’ve been training for far too long, making minimal to no size gains, while spending money out my bootie that I don’t have to blow, pretty much trying everything out underneath the sun. Kitt, I’m 20 and it’s just now that I realize I have to eat like a horse to put on any weight–it’s like a jobby-job, baby, but we should enjoy. So, the bottom line is, nothing beats real food. You might benefit from some liquid nutrition if you find you can’t get all your cals in (protein powder/MRP–GROW kicks major arse) and if you’ve got the creatine, give it go. But, like my other T-bruthas and my man Chris Shugart say, it’s all about the diet, baby. So go kick some butt in the gym and then kick even more butt in the kitchen. Yeah, you’ll add some fat most likely, but we can worry about that later. Nate Dogg, gamer and TEK are right on, Kitt. Don’t make the mistake so many of us do and look for the magic pill. Right now, think big and grow!

Use the “get big” diet, train 3 times per week