Multivitamin Question

Today I bought a one-a-day multivitamin. I was just wondering if I should take it before I go to bed? I was thinking I should because it has fairly high levels of zinc and magnesium like ZMA (and as is known, you take ZMA before you go to sleep). Any thoughts?

K - Take your multi any time, several hours before your pm dose of zma,or, preferably with your breakfast so that you can get it absorbed throughout your day, before your workout, even though this is not a ‘make or break’ issue. However, it is a ‘make or break issue’ with your zma dosing. DO NOT take zma with a protein shake, or ANY high calcium supplement or food. Calcium will interfere with it’s absorption for several reasons…perhaps the best way to go is to take your zma 1.5-2 hours before bed…then chug down your anti-catabolic/pre-bed protein shake. In regards to your concerning the content of your multi’s zinc and mag, they are not NEARLY bioavailable enough to cause you to ‘overdose’ on those micro nutrients. Read the label of your multi-and compare it to your zma. You’ll notice that the zma has ‘aspartate’ following the zinc and mag. This is the reason why it works so well because it actually gets into your system! Hope this answers your question.

I found when I took a multi in the evening I didn’t sleep very well. You really should be taking it with a meal too, so that’s another good reason to take it earlier in the day.