BIll, Chris, OR Cy. Do you think that drinking 4 meal replacements a day
is too much. I am eating 6-7 meals a day and find it very hard to get
enough carbs, protein, and fat without them. I will still be eating solid
meals with each shake. I was wondering if I could do this as long as I
can handle it. In other words, If I could keep this up for a year is it safe to
do it.

I do that quite often, mainly because I get really busy. Read my “MRP Diet” article. If you do this for more than a few days, you’ll need to add some stuff- fiber, etc. You still need solid food, though.

I’ve been using 2 to 4 MRPs a day for over a year. No problems. Just use a quality product and don’t do it with a plain “protein powder”.

I’ll chime in and agree with Chris. Every day I consume three MRPs, and on workout days it’s four. I’ve followed this routine for years; remember, MRP is only a convenient meal, it’s not anything magical. We’re talking fast and easy to take on the run.

I add a bit of fiber to one or two of 'em each day, though; otherwise you'll generate some intense pain outside of the gym!

It’s worth checking the vitamin and mineral
content of the MRP’s. Some of them are
overambitious and you can wind up overloading
on some things. For example, while this was
a harmless thing, a number of years back I
was visibly orange as a result of consuming
6 or 7 Met-Rx per day (Met-Rx had, or perhaps
still has, a high concentration of beta

Grow! deliberately has fairly modest levels
of vitamins and minerals so you won’t wind
up overloading if you take several per day.

The fiber thing is a matter of individual
variation. Personally I can live on nothing
but MRP’s (I don’t recommend this: you should
use real food for at least half your calories)
without the slightest digestive problems, but
this is not true for everyone.

I hate MRPs. Now I can drink low-carb protein 10 times a day but MRPs like Myloplex are like drinking cake batter! I can barely get half of one down without gagging. I need the extra cals but I don’t know about 3-4 shakes a day. I think I do better with just protein powder and say mac&cheese dinners (high calories, modest protein, complex carbs, tasty).