Anyone try the MRP diet, and if so what type of results did you recieve. I hate cooking and eating food 5-6x day so I was thinking going on this diet. Trying to lose fat, so I would add a scoop protein powder to a Myoplex 5x day and some fish oil capsules to raise fats and get a lower carb %. Also eat one meal chicken like it suggests. How long could I live on this and anyone get ripped on it? Thank You

The MRP diet is ok, if you don’t have time to eat real food. You can get as cut, or put on weight, very easily due to how easy it is to manipulate calories and macronutrient ratios.

One note of caution, I used to mix my MRPs with milk, which was fine, as I used to only have 1-2/day. However, upon switching to 5-6/day I was consuming nearly 3/4 gallon of milk/day. I am not lactose intolerant but this was simply more than my system could handle. Just something to keep in mind.

what happened from drinking all that milk?

I damn near live on the road due to my job. I got sick of restaurant food (and the time it took to eat). I have tried almost all the popular MRP’s and had settled on Myoplex for the taste, consistency and the fact that all the others turned my guts into a mutation of the black swamp. I use 3-4 a day when on the road and 2-3 when home and have been on this for about 15 months. I recently switched to GROW and it beats myoplex hands down as far as I’m concerned.

The big trick is to use a cup of frozen blueberries or strawberries with the vanilla flavor or bananas/raspberries etc with the chocolate. GET TO LOVE YOUR BLENDER. The only problem you’ll hit is not getting enough fiber and fruit/veggie micronutrients if you don’t do the above. Gotta keep the pipes clean. Good luck.