Massive Eating & MRP's

I would like to get some opinions, particularly John Berardi’s, on how the use of MRP’s could fit into the Massive Eating protocol. I have been using the Massive Eating program for the last 8 weeks with very favorable results. Post workout I use a Surge-like drink. For the protein + carb meals I focus on low glycemic/insulin index carbs. Given that MRP’s contain maltodextrin as their carb source, a carb that is high on the glycemic index, when might be a good time to use them? I sometimes use a full serving of Grow about 2 hours after my post-workout drink, but even at this time I wonder if I should still be focusing on the low glycemic/insulin index carbs, as this appears to be what JB recommends. Any thoughts?

As T-mag has stated several times, Grow has a mild GI. So it’s fine for a protein plus carb meal. JB even wrote that in his article.

I personally have an MRP within a few hours after training. Say as a second meal after my post workout. I also have one after an afternoon cardio session (I weight train in the morning.) I am not sure how MRP’s rank on the insulin index though. Hey JB any idea how a popular MRP such as Met-RX, Myoplex, Grow would rank?

I avoid MRPs because of the carb complication and additional/unnecessary cost. Im pretty sure all that maltodextrose will give you more insulin that you need other than post workout. With straight whey and water I can add fat for F/P meals (bad idea with MRPs) and can always grab some carbs for C/P to serve the MRP purpose (vegies or fruit/OJ/Gatorade/milk in a pinch). Plus I can continue to use it while cutting. If I was to buy another powder it would be Surge/a hydrosolate.

Yeah,what do you say JB? I’m interested in your opinion also.