Mobility and Recovery

[quote]Richieavella721 wrote:
Where does mobility, flexibility, foam rolling, fit into a weight lifting routine?[/quote]
They fit where, when, and if they’re needed. With most “prehab” movements/treatments, you only “need” to address things that are causing issues. So you wouldn’t foam roll your body head to toe because there’s generally no need to.

Take a self-inventory, consider what needs priority attention, and then pick a small handful of movements to address those areas. Whether you do them in the morning, after training, on non-lifting days, or whatever is a secondary concern. But generally, the more frequent, the better, so 1 movement 7 days a week beats 5 movements twice a week.

DeFranco has a few similar patterns out, like the Limber 11 and Simple 6. Mike Boyle, Mike Robertson, and Tony Gentilcore have also talked about mobility work:

Probably the least time-consuming “recovery method” will be fillers that you do during your training session, basically superset with your lifting: