Minor gyno

Ok I emailed Dr Nadler and from what I described it seems as though I have minor gyno. (From T levels going whacko in puberty). Someone told me that Nolvadex can get rid of gyno if it is minor – is this true? Thanks!

Jagin, good question. I too seem to have a slight case of gyno. It occurred during puberty. So now I have what seems like extra fat under my nipples, and I hate it! So if Nolvadex would work, I would definitely want to get a hold of some!

Anyone have an answer?

Whom ever told you that is full of shit. There is nothing short of surgery that can make gyno disappear. Nolvadex is used to prevent the start of gyno not to reduce or eliminate it. There are 2 kinds of gyno, the most common being small amounts of fat deposits under or around pecs. The other is when the actual gland under your nipple fills with fluid, thats the worst kind. Both can be corrected with surgery. If its the fatty kind, its pretty simple, they just do lipo and in 2 weeks you can start lifting again. My training partner just had it done. The other kind, they make a small incision under your nipple , cut and remove the sack with fluid. I’ve got the fatty kind and i’m gettin this shit sucked out first week of January. Hope I was able to help bro…Surf or Die

The estrogen antagonists will shrink the swelling that is all ----IMO.
Once the tissue has that fibrous feeling your fucked.
I had the surgery done and it wasn’t that big a deal.
cost being the worst part.
Btw had gyno since the onset of puberty.
all gone now :slight_smile:


.001%: How much did the surgery, consultations, etc. run you? Where did you have it done?

I had a very unique situation where i only payed 1000 dollars.
My step-dad’s friend was a doctor. However, I did go to numerous
consultations. As a ball park figure most charge about 5 -6 grand.
sucks!!! i know. If I were you I would try insurance, they will probably reject you but petition it. Ask them how do you know thiis isn’t breast cancer?? Can you be sure? Then maybe tell you have cancer in family and need to get it taken out. (can’t be sure its not cancer until removed right?) Might work- a doctor suggested that to me. Just know what your talking about and don’t budge. If you call your insurance company you will probably talk some 6 dollar an hr.
retard so don’t get upset if he reads his little instruction book and it says no. Talk to somebody higher up and use the cancer line.
Or if you know somebody who has had it done by a general surgeon (and it looks ok) then they are usually a lot cheaper. After the surgery I had one bad day really. compression vest sucked but after 3 days of blood draining in tubes it wasn’t all that bad. Went to the gym in 3or 4 wks.

Im a student and get about 100 dollars spending money a month.
Believe me that 1000 hurt real bad. however, it is the best money I have ever spent. My case of gyno was not that bad but it was still very noticeable in my opinion. People should not have to live with this curse if they don’t want to.
Plus, once you irrate them its hard to calm them back down. clomid usuallly takes about 3 wks to work.
Don’t use diones they are fertilizer for gyno.
However, the diols or androsol will cause no problems what so ever
in my experience back in the day when using oral androdiol in high doses.

hope that helps a little,
If you have to spend the money-spend it,
you will never ever regret it.
trust me!

Now how much does nadler charge for ab etching??


.001%: I don’t have the gland type, so there is no problem with anything fibrous. In fact, all I want to do IS reduce swelling. But as Da Gimp said… that requires lipo, because it’s fat under the nipples.