Methoxy and Tribex Dose Times

I’m currently taking methoxy and tribex and im fairly satisfied with the results especially with the increase in sex drive from the tribex.
Anyway right now i take a serving of each when i wake and before bed (7am 11pm )
After reading some of the articles and responses im thinking of taking my second serving in the late afternoon early evening with a meal.Any suggestions ?What is everybody else doing and is there anyway to maximize their effects through taking them with a meal or without? thanks.

I believe that the current Methoxy-7 formulation should be divided into as many doses per day as is practical (though more than six would be overkill.) In other words, four doses totalling X grams is better than 2 doses totalling the same, and much better than one dose giving the same daily amount.

The duration of action of the current Methoxy-7 is only a few hours.

The upcoming Hydroxy-7, in contrast, has several times the duration of action.

Quite a few people have reported to me that following the advice of dividing the Methoxy-7 usage into many doses has made a lot of difference for them.

Bill, since the duration /action time of methoxy7 is so short, would you suggest using it only on workout days? It is expensive, so any way to cut corners would be helpful.
Also have you ever heard any negitive feedback from females taking Tribex? I don’t remember reading any. I would like to try it to help with strength gains, and no I have no plans to become pregnant anytime in the future.

I don’t know whether Methoxy-7 would have more benefit on non-workout days than on workout days. I’d tend to think, for any given amount of money, the most effective use would be
frequent smaller doses every day, rather than
using larger doses but only on some days. I could be wrong though.

I haven’t heard any negative feedback from
women about Tribex. On the other hand, if it works by increasing LH, in women that would not yield any increased testosterone, but only increased estrogen. (And might interfere with birth control.)

I think it just isn’t known with women.