Whilst on a 6 meal a day plan, my dinner or post workout meal (after my shake) includes a whole medium sized chicken or 1.3 pounds of beef. I find this is pretty filling to say the least but I once read Sergio Olivia would eat up to 10 pounds of beef a day. In this era of powdered supplements, do many poeple training with weights regularly eat large servings of meat?

Hell yeah, I still don’t buy the arguement that protein shakes are a food. I say if its been overprocessed and dried its a supplement. NOT FOOD. I eat a shitload of cooked flesh, and eggs. I don’t know if I really beleive the 10 lbs of meat thing given the fact that bodybuilders love to exaggerate.

Out of interest, do you know weights of meat you eat or do the whole chicken thing? Ive just been wondering how much meat others are eating.

I use a food scale. I use a web site to plug in my calories so they usually list food portions by weight. I’ve eaten an entire game hen but never a whole chicken. Of course if I didn’t eat any other types of protein that day I’m sure I could down a chicken. In one meal? Hell no. I usually eat about a pound of chicken or beef, and anywhere from 8-12 eggs, and some cheese, or maybe fish throughout the day. I was eating around 2 pounds or red meat a day(about two large steaks) at one point, but I have since diversified my protein sources. So I’d say over all I usually get 2 pounds of meat, from different sources throughout the day.

I do. I eat at lest a pound of red meat a day when I’m bulking up. I eat tuna, salmon, eggs, lots of milk. I don’t buy the since it’s processed it’s not food theory. When you eat meat you heat it, grind it up (chew), and process it in an acid bath to break it down into the amino acids you need. Little globs of beef don’t run around your bloodstream making muscle. Protein powders are heated, the lactose is removed from some of them, and the easy to digest protein part comes in the can. It gets into the same chemical bath, then your bloodstream as what? Yep, amino acids, just like the beef but with a different process.