maximal weight training

ok, i’m pretty much doing the maximal weight training right now. on my current split, i’m doing chest and tris together and back and bis together. now my question is how should i train tris or bis after i do chest and back? i know that doing chest and back will hit tris and bis pretty good. i’m just adding about three or four sets of the tris and bis with around 6-10 reps after i do chest or back. is this the best way to do this, or is there a better way?

In my opinion it depends on your priorities and/or your particular weak points.

All else being equal, training triceps before
chest or shoulders, or training biceps before back, prioritizes the arms.

Now, for some trainers, and I’m one, training
arms before torso, provided arm volume is reasonable, does not significantly reduce my performance when training the torso. So that works fine.

(In practice, however, if I am wanting to really
prioritize arms, I do half the arm training
before the torso, then the other half afterwards.)

What happens when the arms are trained first
is that now the pressing or pulling movements,
which before were not working the arms at
so high a percentage of their capacity, are
now more demanding for the arms than if the
arms had not been trained beforehand.

However, for others, training the arms first
badly compromises their pressing or pulling exercises, so this should not be done unless
it is specifically intended to really focus on the arms with intention to merely maintain
the chest, shoulders, or back.

So, it depends.