Bodypart split

i know that most people train back with bi’s, chest with tri’s, etc. i was wondering why most people did this, i know that it could be the push(chest, tris), pull(back, bis) method. i was thinking of doing chest/bi’s and back/tri’s. i was just looking for some advice if i should follow this training split, or if i should stick with the conventional push/pull method. thankss.

Any combination of body parts has it’s advantages and disadvantages. It is a very good idea to mix up your combinatons ruteinly to trick the body into growth/strength gains. A great book to read that will help you cover this is Ian Kings “Get Buffed.” This book covers your question in a whole chapter, in lots of detail.

I’ve been doing Back/Hamstrings, Chest/Quads/Calves, Delts/Biceps/Triceps for a while now, I’ve been very pleased with my gains. I think splitting up my leg workout was key to better recovery. Hope this helps, outlaw.

well those are not the only splits. Think about the people, like me that split leg days. I do: deadlifts-hamstrings/back, chest/calves, squats-quads/deltoids, biceps/triceps/abs. I try to focus on doing an upper body part with a lower body part. Any real deadlifting or real squatting will destroy your brains so you can’t do both on the same day and expect to get results for both quads and hamstrings. I’ve done the other 2 types of routines you’ve mentioned but this routine has been the best for overall body development since it focuses on balance. laters PK

thanks alot for the advice!!!

It is a common to do chest and tri’s and back and bi’s if you are looking for size but if you are looking for strenght people often do chest and back because you can super set the two. Bench wait two min and do pull ups this will save time because you do not have to wait 5 min in between each set. plus there is some kind of neural advantage to training antaonist muscles

I look at it this way.

You want to avoid training body parts
two days in a row, and for the most part
probably want to avoid training three times
per week.

So, if you want to train say chest twice
per week, if you train triceps seperately and do so on a different day than chest, then you’d be hitting them more than 2x/week and be violating this plan. So, training chest and tri’s on the same day could make sense. Whichever bodypart you want to emphasize, train it first in the workout.

On the other hand, if training chest once per week, if you train bi’s on chest days on tri’s on another day, you could wind up getting a better chest workout than you could had you trained tri’s first, and give the tri’s the benefit of being trained twice per week.