Massive Eating Results

I was wondering what kind of results people on the Massive Eating diet are seeing.

i feel bigger … i look bigger… i am bigger

ok…i eat my fat/protien - carb/protien meals in this manner.
MEAL 1 carb/protien MEAL 2 fat/protien MEAL3 carb/protien MEAL 4 carb/protien (Postworkout) MEAL 5 carb/protien or fat/protien MEAL 6 fat/protien MEAL 7 fat/protien
is this an ok combo…and doe sit matter when you eat the fat/protien meals?

Massive eating combined with post-workout cardio is making me feel bigger, but I don’t ever get that bloated feeling I used to get while bulking. I think the program is going to give me some sweet results. However, I’m still in the process of increasing my calories to the number given by JB’s formula, so we’ll have to wait and see.

An interesting thing that can be done on John’s Massive Eating diet is to lose fat and diet, while following the protocol. I did that for the last five weeks or so, and have found that I’m actually consuming more calories per day than I used to, but due to never combining fat and carbs, have lost fat. Starting this week I’m slowly ramping up the calories/protein to try to ease into a slow growth cycle.

Ive put ten pounds on in a month.Thats my biggest gain ever creatine or not.I just made a post though for more recipe ideas.

I followed the “don’t diet” from the most recent appetite for construction. I have lost 1.5% bodyfat in 8 days, I feel stronger and more veins are showing up. The interesting thing was I am coming off Fat Fast diet, so I am more impressed since my metabolism was probably sluggish plus I was in an insulin resistant state.