Massive eating plan

If the goal of the program is to spike insulin in 2-3 meals a day by eating protein + carbs, would there be any need for low insulin index carbs in these meals? If not they wouldn’t be eaten at all would they?

I think that although you want to spike insulin, you will be getting a nice total amount of carbs with the c+p meals. So you want the actual carb source to be low-moderate on the list so that insulin doesnt go too high. Not to mention the fact that most of the low insulin carbs are also full of healthy fiber and nutrients (the low II carbs tend to be the unprocessed ones) which are also essential for your physique goals. So jelly beans are not a good carb for the c+p meals. Remember, the whole point of good nutrition is to maximize how the body looks and FUNCTIONS.

I tried massive eating for a week. I used 3 c+p meals a day, one was PW. The other 2 were meal replacement drinks with all carbs sources(fruit mainly) below 25 on the glycemic index, and I got such a big insulin spike that I had a lot of trouble staying awake.