Mass FAST!!!

Hello my bodybuilding brothers. I have a question for you… What are the combinations of diet and training you’ve used that have worked best for packing on muscle?

When I was into bodybuilding the routine that worked best for me for size was a combination of powerlifting and bodybuilding. All of my workouts started with a core exercise(bench, squat, barbell rows, military press, ect…) I trained the core exercise the hardest, starting with 1-3 warm up sets of around 8-10 reps. After warming up I would jump right up to a weight I could do for 6 reps and I would usually do sets of 6 till I failed at that weight then I would drop the reps down to 1-4 increase the weight and do a few more sets. For my other exercises I would do sets of 6 reps, generaly 5-6 sets maybe more depending on how I felt(all started at the working weight). Depending on what area of the body I was training I would do about 4-6 exercises per workout. As far as diet, what I am about to say will probably make a bunch of people cringe in horror, but if used inteligently it will work pretty good. Drink a gallon of whole milk a day, now before everyone has a heart attack, use a little common sense, if you weigh 120 pounds obviously a gallon of whole milk is going to be a bit excessive. You must also take into consideration if you have problems digesting lactose, I had problems with it so I started with smaller quantities and worked up. I used mostly the milk with a few SMALL meals, and a combination of protein powders and meal replacement drinks, I also used creatine the entire time. I made excellent gains in MUSCLE and I specify MUSCLE because I kept an eye on my calorie intake and my body, so I didn’t wind up looking like a tub of shit. This all worked very well for me. I won’t make anyone else any promises because I don’t know what rep range works for them, or what exercises work for them, or if higher protein lower carbs and moderate fat works for them. If you really want to excel you have to figure out your body, what makes it respond, how long it takes for body parts to recover, weeding out exercises that don’t do shit(core exercises are not nor ever will be in that category) keeping track of training weight and increasing it when possible, and busting your ass when your in the gym.

Protein, protein, protein. During my gaining cycles (no steroids) I ate around 300 grams of protein per day on workout days and about 250 grams on rest days. Drank tons of water, kept the carbs clean and focused on the basic powerlifting movements while in the gym. Trained one body part at a time and did the powerlifts first in the routine (i.e. deads on back day, flat bench on chest, squats on legs, etc). I also worked arms, shoulders, calves, etc. as part of a bodybuilding routine but the main focus was on the large muscle groups. Using this routine, I went from 175 to 205 in a year with the only supplement being creatine.

Since May of this year, I’ve managed to add significant amounts of lean body mass while actually losing fat by simply eating a ton of protein and making sure I got adequate rest. I took my bench from 205x9 to 275x8 and got my deadlift up to 470 within three months with clean eating, balls out training, and lots of rest. Creatine is also a must. Basic heavy exercises, don’t waste energy with the wussy stuff. Benches, deads, squats, chins are the way to go for hugeness. Laterz