Quote of the day!

I, as I’m sure many of you have, has heard some rediculous things in the gym before. Ranging from the 300 pound girl doing curls with 1 pound weights so that she wouldn’t get big (Can’t you just here Farley screaming “FOR THE LOVE OF GOD!”), to some “Mr. Wish he was the Universe” cutting up his biceps by doing spider curls on a scott bench. I may could even right a book, but last night took the cake! It was the most idiodic thing I have ever heard in a weight room.

I asked a guy if I could work in with him; he obliged. So I put some real weight on the EZ bar and proceded to perform some reverse curls. After my set he asked me, quote: “Do those work the triceps more?” I resisted the temptation to say, “Yes, they really cut it up man.”, and explained no they didn’t work the tricep at all, and the real reason for doing something that ridiculous (or so it must have seemed for him). Obviously I was the only one who had ever heard the phrase anatomy, but don’t you learn that stuff from reading even Weider publications? Didn’t Joe invent the principle of muscular contractile differentiation? I don’t read the muscle mags, but is this what they’re teaching now? That the Bis and tris can be hit in the same movement?

Todd, i can relate brother. about two weeks ago i was at the “health club” my wife and i belong to.(don’t laugh, when the wife is pregnant and will only let you join this national health club because its close to home, you take what you can get) well, i was squatting, now i am no goliath squatter, but i have built up my numbers since knee surgery several years ago and i’m proud of it. well i’m into my 2nd set and these two gym rat/goofballs are about ten feet behind me, and the fatter one says to the skinny one “he’s using too much weight, it’s making him go too deep.” pause for this to sink in… then they proceed to the leg press and go all out with 3 plates per side, and some togh looking partial reps. can they make stupid people laws apply in gyms?

How about this one— I was doing some close grip bench presses to hit the triceps last week and after my set this lady comes up to me and says " May I make a suggestion?" So i’m like “sure” and she tells me …" You can probably use alot more weight if you widen your grip"


About a week ago I overheard two younger guys talking about diet, the bigger and quite chubby of the two asked his scrawny friend- “You are cutting down your carbs, aren’t you.?”

JB, that’s hysterical, all I want to know is how did you keep yourself from smacking her across her face? Anyway, I posted this quote a week ago but just in case you missed it here goes. I asked one the TRAINERS at my gym what he would have me do to get stronger or a better 1rm. He told me to do 12-15 reps with some isometric holds! WHAT!? Why is this guy a trainer?

Hey dont get all high and almighty. If I went into a car garage I wouldn’t know a carbuator from a fuel pump. This is your domain and we still dont know shit on the grand scheme of things. The more I learn the less I realize I know. Anyone who says differently is full of it.

I had a p.e. teacher in high school that tried to teach the entire class that reverse curls hit the triceps. i had it out with her about it and almost failed the class in addition to getting a question on my exam wrong because i refused to say that reverse curls did anything for the triceps.
About the “deep squats” with too much weight… i always see this guy, about 40, doing squats with entirely too much weight. he loads on like 5 plates and does about 10 sets with 6-8 reps. heres the catch, he only goes down about two inches. there ought to be a law…

Last spring a hockey coach was training two teenagers in the college gym (how being a hockey coach makes him an authority on lifting is beyond me). Three days a week he would run them through an exclusively chest and biceps workout (making sure to use 4 sets on flat, incline and decline of course). The teenagers soon became curious about the heavy squatting, deadlifting and olympic lifting I was often doing (It also must have seemed interesting that a 5’5" dude was curling more than their coach could bench). They’d then ask the coach if they could learn the excercises I was doing. Each time he would point at me, shake his head vigorously and then mutter something to the kids. One day the kids got to the gym early and started improvising some power cleans on the platform. The coach suddenly stormed through the door in a huff: “Tommy! John! How many times do I have to tell you that doing any of that stuff will stunt your growth and leave you a midget!” Then he saw I was there and left quickly (good idea).

I had a trainer (salesman) argue with me about preacher curls. Little did I know that apparatus over there where you are in a somewhat “praying” position was not used for preacher curls. In fact, doing bicep cable curls with your upper arms parallel to the floor and curling the handles to your ears are preacher curls. And all these years I had been calling them the wrong thing! How stupid of me!