I don’t know how excited everyone else is about MAG-10, but I am going crazy here!!

On Friday I was busy with my newly opened business which requires me to go out and leave my house looking for new people. Well, Fed Ex decided to make a visit by my house and I was NOT home!!! It was my MAG-10! AH!! So, I ran down there on Saturday and raced home. Yeah, I raced home and got a speeding ticket. I told the officer that I just picked up a new supplement that I was excited about. He asked me what it was, what it did. So, I told him, “It’s called MAG-10 and it’s made by Biotest Laboratories. I don’t know exactly how 'roids work or prohormones, but I DO know that this stuff’l make ya thick!”

So, I wrote '' on a piece of paper and told him to go home and read about it. "Well, I will be off duty in 30 minutes, I'll go check it out.' I didn't get a speeding ticket, thankfully and hopefully he will see where I'm coming from.

With the new Methoxy and T-2 Pro, Biotest Lab. keeps me on my seat wondering, “What will they come out with next?” MAG-10, and boys, after the results I experienced from T-2 and the new Methoxy, I can’t wait to taste it now and watch myself get THEEEEEK!