Is Mag10 on it's way?

I think Mag10 may be on its way - I ordered from Canada and they emailed me asking if I accept the shipping charges. Hope it gets through customs. Chris, Bill?

I just got my email confirmation too.
Hopefully it will be shipped discretly???
Kyle, Toronto

Yeah anyone no the ETA on our preorders?

i was billed for it which usually means it is being shipped.

I just called Biotest and was informed that MAG-10 probably won’t be shipping for another 2-3 weeks at the earliest.

the charge was taken off, so i guess it was a mistake

What’s the deal - is it being shipped now or not?

 I ordered it at least 5 weeks ago, the day the article came out about it. How do I know if I will get the 1st batch or not?

I know some of you guys are excited, but remember, this is not a miracle product that will immediately make you a pro-bodybuilder. Just chill out and relax. If you pre-ordered Mag-10, you’ll get it in a few weeks, when it is shipped. Do you think the Biotest guys want to keep answering the same question over and over? Would you?

Who are you Choad?  Unless you work for Biotest, don't answer questions you know nothing about.  Biotest talked about making different batches and say they will run out.  I wanted to know if I am getting the first run or not.  So we aren't going to be pro-bodybuilders.  I guess I don't want the stuff now.  Here I thought mag-10 may put me into the Olympia.  We are all excited about the release, and it would be nice for an update of it's progress in BTS.

I really don’t think anyone said anything about being a pro-bodybuilder after using MAG-10 nor do I think anyone actually thinks that. Also, nobody thinks its a miracle product nor does anyone think STEROIDS work miracles. Most people on here know that diet, training, and recovery are far more important than supplementation and anabolics. However, when diet, training, and recovery are done properly, MAG-10 or steroids will help you gain muscle easily. So shut up!

You are a moran! Nobody here has ambitions to be a pro body builder. We all just want to add a little muscle. Biotest has hyped Mag-10 big time for the last few months. Since they hyped it to the extent they have, we have every right to demand to know exactly when it’s being shipped. Especially, since they emailed me to confirm I’ll accept shipping charges.
Also, many people are tailoring their current workout regime around the arrival of this supplement. If it’s late it will fuck up a lot of people’s schedules (not mine, but several others). I originally expected I’ve have it by Christmas but it sounds like it’s coming earlier. I agree an update on BTS this week would have been nice.

Look, all I’m saying is that every day there is a new post asking if anyone knows when Mag-10 will ship. It must be terribly annoying for the T-mag guys to read about how impatient some of you little boys are. You know it’s going to be a couple more weeks, and if there are developments, the T-mag dudes are sure to let us know.
Scott, you really felt the need to end your pussy-ass rant with a “So shut up!”? Was it really necessary? Some of you people are seriously pathetic.

I’ve got a crazy, wacky idea. Call Biotest using the free 800 number and ask! Or drop them an e-mail. The forum is not a venue for customer service.

Kyle - It’s spelled “moron”, not with an “a”.

P.S. Please let me know (warn me), if you ever decide to take steroids for real. Whew!

Gee is that the best you can do - picking on my inability to spell? Sorry all to hell I didn’t use spell check first. Actually, I just tried that and “moran” comes up incorrectly while moron does not. Spell it whichever way discribes you best. I have no idea what your other comment was supposed to mean.
Anyway, calling Choad a moron may have been a little harsh so I apologize. Sometimes my type A personality gets the best of me.
To everyone else who cares, Mag-10 is being shipped in a couple of weeks.

I don’t know if it’s going to be shipped this week, but my credit card was just charged for my order! Typically with Biotest, that means my order is coming soon!!

I never post under another name. Just so everyone knows. I accept your appology. There’s no need for name calling on a training/nutrition forum. So are you all going with the Growth Surge Project, or will any of you just hit the gym hard for six weeks all on Mag-10?

i wrote an email to biotest asking about the release date. Told me the first batches should ship the first week in decemeber. Hope that helps

my credit card was billed on 11-16
hopefully is on the way.