MAG-10 for young adults

Has anyone 18 or thereabouts in age tried MAG-10? If so, to what result?

I know one 20 year old on MAG-10. He’s halfway through and is up 6 pounds. (2 doses on day 1, 1 after that). Set a new PR on bench on day 5. Hasn’t changed his diet much either despite me begging him to eat more protein. He’s thrilled so far needless to say.

Im 19. I had great results. 12lbs in 12 days. Read my post on the Mag-10 support group thread.

I’m 20 and on Day 12 of my first Mag-10 cycle. I’m up exactly 10 pounds. From the scale and calipers readings, about 8.5 of it is lean mass. The two-a-days are starting to take a toll on me, but I only have two days left. As long as your training and diet are well-planned (unfortunately, I haven’t met many teenagers who train and eat right), I say go for it.

I’m 19 and had decent results with a shitty diet. I gained 6 pounds with a diet about 1500 calories below my maintance. I was not on a moderate-high protein diet at the time. I did notice an increase in strength and recovery time, along with increased agression (nothing that required me to control my agression level). Most of the 6 lbs I gained were muscle.

I’m 16, I’m at the height of my parents and grandparents (5’7) so I’m probably not gonna grow taller, I bench 280 at 155 pounds, and I’m a horrible hardgainer. I’m doing a mix of the Fat Fast diet along with the “Eat Like a Man” diet, by Brock Strasser and Chris Shugart, respectively. This is so I can cut up. There isn’t much fat on my body, but 90% of it’s on my abdomen, so I look fat. After this, I’ll probably be a 145 lb. weakling and I might have lost some muscle. I want to use Mag-10 to regain my strength and possibly even get farther than I was before. Problem is, I’m 16. Is this OK for me?

I don’t know how well Mag-10 works as a cutting agent. You may also outgrow the ab fat as you are 16. Where do your male relatives (father, uncles) store their fat? Does obesity run in your family? This may be a non-issue in a year or so. Methoxy-7 may be the better cutting agent and it is also anabolic.