Would MAG10, M, and a good thermogenic be the best stack during a fat loss cycle? Yeah, I know I could throw in a ton of other crap, but I’ve got a budget. If it works as good as a mild steroid it should, but all I’ve heard is how to use it to gain weight. I think you guys need to add this angle into your marketing.

Dave, you’re right… more focus should be
put on that. MAG-10 does allow you to lose
fat faster while losing far less muscle than you would without androgenic support.

By no means would I use more than 1 serving
per day for this purpose – it would be a waste for sure unless you’re already far above your natural maximum in which case 2 doses might make a difference. In fact, even 1/2 dose per day, I estimate would work quite well when dieting though probably only maybe 2/3 as well as a full dose.

So Im thinking from your answer and from some other posts that my tentative plan to use mag10 for meltdown training - maybe (2) 3 wk cycles and then for the surge growth training might be a good thing. I have 3 bottles to use.

What if I’m using T3. Would it be better to take the full 2 doses. And also when using Mag-10 for cutting, should I just use it straight for 6-8 wks?

Sure, would work well.

Though I’m not that fond of 3 week cycles.
Use of recovery agents like Clomid, or Tribex + Vitex, or Tribex + M, would be more needed than with 2 week cycles, and probably 3 weeks off would be good.

Two doses is probably just overkill including
when using thyroid hormone.

Whether it’s “better” to go 6 or 8 weeks straight really depends on your goals and preferences. Personally, I’d rather diet severely for 2 weeks at a time, have maintenance for 1 or 2 weeks, then go at it again, but you may do better psychologically dieting moderately for 8 weeks straight.

Just to clarify, I would take the mag10 for the last 2 weeks of the 3 week meltdown training program. If I then went to another 3 weeks of meltdown training it would then be the last 2 weeks I would use mag10. I would have 1 week off time there. Going into Growth surge project I would use mag10 for 2 weeks in the 2nd phase so that would give me 2 weeks off from the last cycle. I would be using single doses each time though I may consider a double dose for the first day of each mag10 cycle.

That sounds good. It does sound like “off”
times are considerably less than four weeks,
so using Clomid, or Tribex + Vitex, or Tribex + M, would be advisable during “off” weeks.