I want to make each bottle last two weeks, which will require one serving per day as opposed to the reccomended two. Would it be more beneficial to split the serving in half so I am taking it twice/day? Secondly, should Mag-10 be taken with food or on an empty stomach?

At the recommended dosage, each bottle does last two weeks.

Thanks Biotest for the M, ingenious selling strategy, give some away & let the results sell themselves. Ditto the question, does twice the dosage yield twice the results? One bottle will only last a week at the optimal dosage of 2 servings p/d so is it worth the expense?

Chris? Bill? Brock?

wrong Nate, I just got mine today. it says 1 serving (1/5 cap fulls) twice a day. There are 14 servings in the bottle so 14/2 = 7 days

I’m wondering the same thing about dosing. I was dissapointed to learn that a bottle would only last one week at the “maximal results” dosage. There is no way I can afford to go through a bottle a week. Is it recommended to split a single dose in half or take it all at once?

Maybe you guys are taking the directions out of context. Could it mean take the recommended dosage split into two different 1/2 servings throughout the day to better the absorption. Surely the T-MAG guys didn’t mess the label up, and they said one bottle will last 2 weeks.

My understanding is that 1 bottle will last two weeks at one dose per day. The two dose per day is for “gonzo” users. I think Bill Roberts said that one dose per day will give great results, provided that a person is eating correctly, training hard etc…

I’ll be running 1 serving a day for 6 weeks, If I were doing a 2 week cycle I’d use 2x a day. outlaw.

I very much wish I’d been able to establish
for sure by now whether two doses per day
is much better than one, or not. Basically
we knew either would work and be safe, and
didn’t want to hold up shipping yet longer.

There is no blood assay method for Androst-1-ene yet (we’re working on it)
and so a simple direct method – e.g.,
comparing results of 500 mg/week A1-E
by injection to oral dosing, and measuring
oral dosing over time to make sure curve
is reasonably flat – isn’t yet possible
though it soon will be.

For sure twice a day dosing will NOT give
you twice the results. For sure, for any
given bottles, using them for two 2 week
cycles will give better results than doubling
up dose and using in one 2 week cycle.

For sure, if cost is an issue for you as it
is for most people definitely including myself,
plan on one dose per day and don’t increase unless it seems necessary.

It’s possible you’d completely be wasting your
money with 2 doses per day, but at this point we don’t have the data to say for sure you’re not maximizing your results with the one dose. So we decided to leave it up to you, and offer the option.

Bill: This is kinda on the topic, and perhaps your not the best person to answer this: Filling up the product in the capful is going to make the cap kinda icky by the end of two weeks, and it’s a bit tough to get it out from the grooves. How 'bout providing a little plastic measuring cup like they do with nyquil that’s marked at the 4.5 and 9ml marks (4.5 for those wanting to do 2 half doses a day). This also makes it easier to get it all under the tongue instead of having to pour it in twice (for 1.5 cap fulls) - of course, we could also get a good eye-dropper and do the same.

With Nyquil I always hated how the cup got icky, unless you washed it out. I’m not sure how much MAG-10 would adhere to the cup, which would be wasteful. Certainly a syringe would be
the ideal solution. Unfortunately, there would be something of a “drug” image conveyed by including a syringe.

For all we know the single dosing is just as efficacious as two half-dosings, but there’s a chance two half-dosings may be better. So if it’s convenient for you, why not do it?

Chances are, absorption is better with food
than without, or in any case, at least as good.

Also received my mag-10 and M yesterday. Can’t WAIT to try it! I start next week. And thank you Biotest for the unexpected gift! Anyone know if there is a preferred ‘timing’ for taking Mag-10? Pre workout? Post workout? Empty stomach?

Could you give us the half-lives of the ethylcarbonate ester of 4-AD and A1(when you can assay it)?

As always, I, and I’m sure others on the forum appreciate the time and knowledge you give us to answer our hundreds of questions. It may be overkill, but I want to make sure I get the most from my supplement dollar…especially with the holidays-money is pretty tight. Would there be any benefit to including ALA to aide in the absorbtion of the Mag-10? I just don’t want any of it to go to waste. I appreciate and look forward to your reply.

Bill: Thanks for the response (as always). I figured I’d rather wash out the cup then wash out the cap and dilute the product (or leave it uncapped for too long). Of course, after the first bottle I’d have an extra cap, so it makes that a bit easier. I seem to remember my mother giving my brother medicine in something like a eye dropper of sorts (which doesn’t have a drug image at all), but that would probably be a bit pricey to include. Does anybody know if these things still exist and where to find them (and are they graduated in ml?).

Steve you can find what your looking for at a pet store. Thats where I acquired mine. Good Luck

Justin, definitely we’ll let you know the half-life. It is probably about 2 days I’d think
but maybe only one day.

Just judging from feel (OK, not so quantitative) levels definitely do strongly appear to build up.

So as with other longer-acting orals, a loading
dose makes sense. E.g., 2 doses on day 1 but only 1 dose on later days, unless after one week you are not convinced 1 dose is doing a great job. I expect you’ll find you can stick with one dose per day.

Gymnut, no, I can’t see ALA improving absorption, or anything else.

Steve, good point, rinsing out the cap
for example into a glass, and then drinking
that dilute remainder, is the best way
to avoid wastage.

Walmart has those droppers for $1.29 and dosing syringes for $1.49. Both are calibrated in ml.