mag-10 and onset of gains

here is a question i have been wondering: users have been reported exceptional results from mag-10 (as i expected) and in such a short period of time. here is my question – how do i respond to the naysayers that say that steroids dont even product those gains in such a short period of time? hos are the onset of gains with mag-10 so fast?

Chris, Bill I have the same question. I’ve never gained weight this fast. I really wonder how much can be muscle. I’m up 12 lb in 7 days but my calorie intake almost doubled to about 6,400 p/day w/massive eating. My fat pinch has gone up slightly and I’m sure I’m holding some water from all the carbs. Plus it seems the stomach and intestines are always full. So the question remains how quick does actual muscle fiber grow.

A serious steroid cycle, with proper diet
and training, DOES produce equally fast
results. I have seen it countless times.
For example, look at the results of the
2 on / 4 off case study I wrote about
on the Mesomorphosis site.

It’s true that half-assed cycles, or cycles
without proper training or nutrition, may
take several weeks before anything is apparent, though.