M and Mag-10

As soon as it arrives, I plan on using mag-10 along with the Growth Surge Project. What will be the best way to incorporate M into the cycle, dosing, timing, etc?

There’s no point in using M while using MAG-10.
Rather it, or Tribex combined with Vitex, or it combined with Tribex, is best used in off weeks.

Depending on your timetable for the future, whether there are particular dates you want to look best for, etc. you could be looking at 2 on / 2 off cycles, 2 on / 4 off (or obviously, 3 off), or straight 6-8 week cycles followed by amounts of time off depending on your goals.

Over the long term, i.e. years, I’d rather you be off twice as often as on, but over shorter terms, equal amounts are OK, and even shorter
terms (5-6 months let’s say) being off half as often as on is OK, providing you’re seeing testicular size recover satisfactorily by the end of off periods.

Is it overkill to use clomid with M or would it be benificial in the off weeks?
Thanks for all your insight on the forum.

Personally, I find Clomid to work well enough, and so have so many others, that I’d feel no need to add anything else to it, except perhaps Tribex if the libido-increasing effect is desired.

Thanks for the help. I currently have enough “supplies” to go on Mag-10 for 4weeks and 1 bottle of M for afterwards(Thanks Biotest). I plan on doing a few cylces, bulking until spring and then getting ripped for summer. Do you think I would have better gains going 2 on 2 off or 4 weeks on in a row (since I’m not in a huge rush)? Or would 6-8 weeks of Mag-10 and then just stop using it for awhile (because I should be huge by then and can concentrate on getting ready for summer) be best.

Both are (with pharmaceutical anabolic
steroids) well proven approaches. You could do very well either way. It probably depends more on psychological preference and tendencies – e.g., how well do you train and eat during 2 or 4 off weeks, as opposed to say 8 off weeks – than anything else, though if all else is equal the same amount of steroids does seem to give more results with the brief alternating cycle plans.