Lowering Thoracic Pressure

Mr Thibaudeau,

I have a health issue and need your advice. When in for a Calcium score on my heart, which was good at 0, but they discovered an minor ectatic aorta. I had an echocardiagram and the function is good, so it is in the monitor stage. I am cleared to continue to work out, but need to minimize thoracic pressure. All my strength workouts increase thoracic pressure.

One workout I got is hundreds training with 50-60% max. Basically substituting an aerobic burn for an anaerobic. I have always believed in heavier weight with low to moderate reps and have used 531 and your Best Damn workouts, so this is a new world for me. Can I do hundreds long term?

Unfortunately, no one I talk to seems to have information or suggestions. I really would like to continue training but not make things worse. Any suggestions would be appreciated on a scary subject.

Wow, no one has a comment! Usually you cant shut you all up! :slightly_smiling_face:

One of the best things you could do is to learn all you can about how intra-abdominal and intrathoracic pressure are generated, and what is needed for in sports and weightlifting. Plus, it could be advisable to learn to breathe; it would be a advisable to star reading Vladymir Vasilievā€™s book Systema Breathing.

Here at T-Nation you can read an old article by Paul Checkā€™s Abs In, Abs Out, or... Both?

Plus you can google (Sorry, donĀ“t know if links form another sites can be posted) the words Fainting,as well as pass out paired to the word weightlifting and you will find lots of information regarding this issue

The central points here are learning to properly breathe, not using BIG weights with exercises that requires LOTS of core control; and understanding that there are looots of ways to get enough muscle stimulation to make it grow

Hope this can be help you

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Oh, and dont get disappointed if you get no answers; even among cardiologist they do not agree on lots of things regarding cardiac abnormalities and sports

I donĀ“t know if the Bethesda Conference is still held. As you can see in this link they are divided in task forces. Each Task Force addresses a group/type of cardiac abnormality regarding exercise. You should talk with your doc and trainer regarding this so you can be certain that you are doing things right

Thanks for the response. Your info was helpful and I used your recommendation. I know it was a while ago. But, I have found a good mix between the Best Damn Workout, systematic breathing and periodic 100s training.

No contests in my future, but kept me in the gym at 60. More into function, such as learning to surf and water related. Life requires change.

Tell you what, the young guys on here, need to understand what some of the big time pushing can do, between neck arthritis and having to monitor my Aorta, I wish I knew then in the 70ā€™s what I know nowā€¦ Thanks for the thoughtful reply.