Lower quads/teardrops

What excercise does a good job in adding mass to the lower quad. I know Coach Davies mentioned that the barbell hack squat did, but i wanted to know any other suggestions. Thank you, PK

The much reviled leg extensions will do wonders for your “lower quad”–the Vastus Medialis Obliquus muscle. Especially if you squeeze and hold it at full extension.

Also high resistance cycling, especially sprinting and standing up on hills.

Nothing has worked my quads as hard as front squats. They hit the whole deal, but particularly hit me hard around the lower quads.

For closed chain movements basically any exercise where the knee moves in front of the toes during the movement. So instead of sitting BACK into your various squats, lunges, presses, etc try moving straight down. This will stress your knees more but will also add to the stress of the v.m. Also try one and 1/3 reps, pause reps, isometrics, heels elevated squats, 1 1/3 leg extensions and pre exhaustion routines.

is your muscle long enough? the insertion point of my outer quad is almost 2 inches above my knee. short muscle belly. so you might not be able to get the tear drop on the outside. but on the inside head, try extensions with your toes pulled in towards you as far as possible(like you are trying to stretch your calf) and angled slightly towards the center of your body.

Don’t let DA MAN think you can’t do it because of your attachments or whatever. Do all your squatting movements (back or front) to below parallel or lower. You could also do squats with your heels raised, like with a wedge or something. 1 1/4 squats, where you go all the way down, come up a quarter of the way, back down & all the way up. KB had good suggestions. The most important thing is to not give up too soon.

actually i’ve been complemented plenty on my leg developement, its just that i’m not satisfied and want to add mass to my lower leg rather then upper thigh. I do full range regular squats, full range front squats, and full motion leg extensions with pauses on top and eccentrics. I’m going to buy the manta ray and the sting ray products just to make squatting more comfortable, especially the front squats. has anyone tried those barbell hacksquats? They were a lot of fun to do but they did not hit my legs one bit even though i felt neurally tired. My upper back got blasted, which is expected, even though i was doing 3/4 of the weight i normally do for my regular deadlifts. just wanted to get opinions from people. thanks a lot everyone. laters pk

drax- your stupidity astounds me, son. if the muscle inserts before the area he wishes to develop, he cannot develop it. its physical imposibility. look at an anotomy and physiology book sometime. you will be suprised what you could learn.

Then try really isolating the VMO. The way to do that would be to do 1-1/3 leg extension as your first exercise, while you are fresh. Or you could just do the last 1/3 part of the extension. That is when the VMO is the most active.

i will definitely try some new things, i appreciate all your helpful insight. Laters pk