Looking Like a Fitness Model

[quote]jacktheman wrote:
I told you I was serious about nutrition and everything is on point.[/quote]
It looks like you’re trying to eat like a competitive bodybuilder instead of a guy who’s at the best potential muscle-building stage of his life trying to capitalize on teen lifter gains. (Note to self: Trademark ‘Teen Lifter Gains’ - TLG. Could be something there. Hmmm.)

Anyhow, don’t be so restrictive in your food choices. I’m not saying to pig out, but you should not just be rotating the same seven foods everyday. Beef is good. Potatoes are good. Fats are crucial to hormones. Tomatoes are super-healthy, but they’re not exactly a legit carb source. It’s crazy that you’re treating 2 tablespoons of honey as some kind of rare indulgence. Dude, your growing body needs carbs to fuel heavy lifting and recovery.

[quote]I have estimated my maintenance at 2500 calories; I will add 250 and aim for a 2 pounds increase of body weight per month to minimize fat gain

Protein - 1gr per pound of bodyweight (round it up to 150 gr cuz I love grilled chicken breasts); fats 0.45 per pound of body weight (60 gr) and rest carbs[/quote]
Did you actually do the math on this? At 2750 calories, you’re looking at roughly a 20/60/20 Protein/Carb/Fat ratio with almost 400g carbs daily. That’s not muscle-friendly, to say the least. I’d stress less about hitting such specific macros, bump the protein goal closer to 200g or so, and not necessarily put a cap on healthy fat intake.

If that’s the route you want to go, there are several plans are discussed here:

This is not a real issue, it’s in your head. Train everything hard and you’ll be fine. Check for disproportional legs after you’ve gained 10-15kg in bodyweight.