Looking for Opinions


Hello, After reading your articles I find that I respect your opinions and enjoy the info I have gotten from the site. I don’t know if this is boring or asking to much but my info is as follows: I am a 29 year old male, have been in the gym for different reasons, (football, military, personal) for 15 years,(2 and a half dedicated this last stint)I weigh approx 275 give 5 either way each day, and have a endomorphic genetic build, (I have somewhat over come it although I still have at least 25-35 pounds of fat to get rid of) (Chest is 56, waist 38-40, arms are 21-22) and have never taken any steroid or like substance but I am ready to get over the genetic hump. This being said, I am naturally extremely strong, for my weight I can do sets of 30-40 dips and 10-12 pull ups as well as sets of bench , no shirt, 405 for 5-8 for six sets lifting it myself, deads for sets in the 500 range, and squats in the 500 range as well and the same strength with most other parts, I am definitely your class two user as in your article ( with a desire to cut the fat and look better for myself )(500 on bench does not make girls say hi), but I have thought about competing at power lifting if my genetics will only go that way, (when in the army, airborne , I only dropped to 235 when everyone was at their smallest and most whittled away after being in the field for two months , so I know that this is a minimum I am going to weigh is probably around 245-250, but I don?t care about scale weight, as much as appearance and strength. I am a dedicated lifter and willing to eat clean, so my question is if you were going to recommend a cycle or stack for me, what would it be first to try to just cut up without losing to much size or strength or then to go the other way for power, I have read tons of articles and info and still cant seem to get a straight answer, I have read a lot of positives about gh and it could be done, but due to cost factor, is there something else you would start with? Thanks in advance for your opinions or if you choose not to give them. Either way, I enjoy your articles

No matter what cycle any of the guys on this forum could put together for you the biggest and most helpful part to you losing weight would be your diet. Find out what gear you can get, research those specific drugs, and then put together a cycle and post it so the vets on here can help you dial it in. Make sure to learn about anti-e’s since they are a must for a fat loss or lean mass cycle and recovery from most cycles.Hope this helps.

As an endomorph, I’m in the same boat as you. I don’t know if you’ve noticed,but it seems the majority of what you find on AAS boards is written by ectomorphs looking for ways to bulk up and increase their appetite, not for gyus like us looking to go the other way.

Personally, I’ve tried pretty much every fat-loss compound out there, from herbals like ECA, CLA, chromium, chitosan and 5-HTP to stuff I’ve had to get down south-of-the-border like clen, bromo, and T3. I’ve even tried the anti-depressant Wellbutrin. I haven’t had much result with any of them.

BTW: I have had some minor success chewing Nicorette gum to control night-time binge eating, but the stuff tastes so god damn awful that oftentimes, the cure is worse the the symptom.

Despite the conflcting opinions on whether on not AAS aids fat loss, I gave two short cycles of oral winni - 50mg ED - a shot. Saw some minor muscle gain, but nothing on the wieght-loss side.

So last month, I finally did my first injectable cycle. Keeping in mind that I’m not looking to get bigger, but rather “body-recompositioned”, I did a sinlge 10ml vial of Tren spread over three weeks.

I didn’t stack it with anything because I’ve had some bad luck mixing compounds in the past. These days, I’d rather take my time, and find out how my body reacts to each one before mixing them.

The cycle got off to a bumpy start. Let me just say, you can research, and read, and research, and read, but actually doing it is a whole different thing. For instance, I thought I knew all the sides to look out for: hair loss, acne, gyno, ball shrinkage - even Tren cough. But I’d never heard of “test flu”… until I was so sick and lathargic that I was convinced I must have shot a syringe full of death into my body the day before.

After I got over the test flu thing, I’ve got to say, I was really blown away by the results. Within days, I was looking significantly more jacked in the mirror. After two weeks, anyone I bumped into made some kind of comment about how much weight I had lost. My wife was so suprised by my transformation that I think she may suspect I’m up to something. I even had thoughts that it might be too much, too fast. All this with just three weeks of Tren.

I’m waiting four weeks and then doing it again. I can’t wait. Next time, I’m going to put more thought into the PCT though. I used novla, but have been feeling like crap the entire time. I haven’t been hitting the gym nearly as hard, and my binge eating has kicked in big-time. I’ve kept most of the muscle, but fitting into my “skinny pants” is no more.

Let us know what cycle you end up deciding on, and then let us know how it goes.